The competition has only just begun on Dancing with the Stars season 25, but it’s already time to say goodbye to one couple. The premiere scores and votes are tallied and one pair will be eliminated on Monday’s show. But they won’t have to wait long for company as a second elimination will occur on Tuesday.

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So who’s in danger? Here’s a look at the week 1 leadeerboard.


22: Jordan Fisher, Lindsey Stirling
21: Vanessa Lachey
20: Nikki Bella
19: Frankie Muniz, Victoria Arlen
18: Sasha Pieterse, Nick Lachey, Derek Fisher
17: Debbie Gibson
16: Drew Scott
15: Terrell Owens
14: Barbara Corcoran

The first elimination is usually pretty easy to predict. In 24 seasons of the show, the first person eliminated was in the Bottom 2 of the week 1 leaderboard 20 times. The last time the first eliminated pair wasn’t one of the two lowest scores was Shannen Doherty and Mark Ballas way back in season 10.

That means it comes down to Barbara and T.O. And if you look at their pro partners, the pattern becomes obvious. In 19 seasons, Cheryl Burke has NEVER been the first one eliminated. In fact, she’s never even gone home in the first two weeks. Meanwhile, in Keo Motsepe’s five previous seasons, he was the first one eliminated twice and the second one eliminated twice, with Jodie Sweetin as the lone exception.

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In other words, Barbara and Keo are doomed. They delivered an embarrassingly bad performance, earned a 4 from Len Goodman and it’s almost too obvious that they will be going home.

Terrell could be a surprise exit based on the fact that he performed so early and was severely underscored. If you’re looking for an even darker horse, I would think that maybe Debbie Gibson or even Sasha Pieterse could be in danger. Debbie has a first-time pro, which could be an issue, while Sasha could be too young to appeal to the voters (a la Jake T. Austin).

But really, it’s going to be Barbara and Keo going home first and the drama will come with the second elimination on Tuesday. Hopefully next time Keo will get a better, younger partner, though at this point I’m starting to think he’d lose even if he was paired with Beyonce.

Dancing with the Stars airs Monday at 8/7c and Tuesday at 9/8c on ABC.

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