America’s Got Talent has been a very messy but exceedingly musical year. The finals reflected all that with a few goofs, a couple stumbles and a heck of lot of singers. Even if America’s Got Talent is ending up looking a lot more like The Voice, the same rules still apply. Only one act can win it all, and no matter how you feel about the season, there’s some actual tension to that decision. 

Unlike other seasons, it’s a very tight race for the champion spot, with at least three solid choices but maybe even as much as five. So let’s make some predictions for who will season 12 of American Idol America’s Got Talent.

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To do a full list of every act in the finals and their chances to win would be more than a little bit repetitive and boring. So instead of going over everyone, I’m just going to focus on the five acts most likely to win, with the predicted winner topping it all off.

Chase Goehring 

Chase is a bit of a dark horse to win the whole competition. If Sara and Hero had done a bit better, they might’ve snagged this spot in the top five. Chase does, though, have the star level potential and creativity to sweep the votes and eke out a shocking victory. The fact that Chase can write original songs week after week and that they’re good really does put him ahead of his fellow competitors. Even if Chase doesn’t win, he’s probably the most likely to have success outside of the show, despite what Simon said about Preacher Lawson.

Evie Clair

Evie is going to get some extra sympathy votes for the tragedy that is her father’s death. However, that’s not the only reason that she has a (very slight) chance to win this season. Evie’s final performance was, by far, one of her best and most memorable. It was raw, emotional and quite beautiful. It’s impossible to remove Evie from her story, but she did get to the finals on more than a dying dad. 

Light Balance

The next three picks are pretty much interchangeable. The following three acts are really neck and neck with each other, in my mind, to win this whole thing. It really will just come down to personal preference from America, and that really is an almost impossible thing to predict.

The thing that can be said is that Light Balance, which has one of the most mesmerizing acts all season, had their best performance in the finals. Light Balance managed to bring something new to their routine while still keeping the core that has made them so magical intact. They weren’t perfectly in sync the entire time, but their mistakes are hardly memorable in the face of everything else.

While vote splitting among the singers is possible, it’s more likely that Light Balance will end up just short, whether in third or second place, of the grand prize. They just don’t have as much heat as some others. They did get the pimp spot, but it might not be enough.

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Mandy Harvey

Mandy is really my personal winner of the season, but it’s not so likely that America will agree with me. Mandy’s performance was heartbreaking and she is continually amazing. The woman can’t hear and yet is miles ahead of every other singer on America’s Got Talent this season. Mandy has the story and the talent, but there’s just one tiny little girl that’s probably going to keep her from winning…

Darci Lynne

Darci is the odds-on favorite going into the finale — and with pretty good reason. She’s been one of the most consistent acts. She’s in a genre that does pretty well on America’s Got Talent. (AGT viewers love ventriloquists, for some reason.)  Darci is also one of the only acts this season who is effortless, inspiring and endearing. A lot of the other acts seem to be having this heartwarming narrative thrust upon them by the show. Darci is just naturally cute and motivating. 

Darci might be very similar to the most successful America’s Got Talent winner ever, Terry Fator. This was a concern for her winning, especially early in the season. Yet, enough time has passed from Terry’s victory and Darci has shown herself off as much more than a one trick pony. She’s a singing ventriloquist, but being a ventriloquist didn’t stop Paul Zerdin from winning, and Darci is way better than Paul. Terry has competition now, and it’s a 12-year-old girl. 

It’s unclear if Darci will be just as big a hit as Terry after the show ends, but she should at least replicate his success by winning the season. Darci Lynne will win America’s Got Talent season 12.

Do you agree? What is your prediction? Who do you want to win? Who will win? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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