There is no shortage of Chef Gordon Ramsay on television these days, that’s for sure. Be it MasterChefMasterChef JuniorThe F WordHotel Hell or Kitchen Nightmares, Chef Ramsay has force fed US audiences prime time servings of memorable TV moments and coined phrases worthy of countless memes for 12 years. Now he returns with the show that started it all. You guessed it! Hell’s Kitchen is returning for season 17 and bringing some familiar faces back with it.

Hell’s Kitchen: All-Stars is sure to carry on the legacy in delivering drama, delicious cuisine and dashing good looks. Seriously, Chef Ramsay’s hair looks great, but if you’re still not quite sure why you might want to waste an hour every week, watching such TV greatness, here are five reasons that just may persuade you otherwise.

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1. Chef Gordon Ramsay

Master Chef Gordon Ramsay returns to the helm of Hell’s Kitchen to throw season 17’s contestants back into the fire. He has hand-picked this season’s participants to come back into the competition. All recipients of the coveted black jackets, these all-stars are no strangers to the Hell’s Kitchen heat. Chef Ramsay invited them back, but has he finally reached a boiling point?

2. Winner Wins Big

Chef Ramsay spills the beans on this season’s prize and it is a big one. The winner of Hell’s Kitchen: All-Stars will become Head Chef at his new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas! Not only will this be prime location in Caesar’s Palace on the Vegas strip, but the salary is quite the whopper, also. “A quarter of a million dollars,” beams Ramsay. Milly (Season 14) is there for it!

3. Season 10 Winner Returns

Chef Ramsay may be in charge, but he cannot do it without his sous chefs. You might remember Christina Wilson as the winner of Hell’s Kitchen season 10, but she has proven to be essential to the US Gordon Ramsay team, working as Executive Chef for all his Vegas restaurants. Ramsay has also recruited his UK Executive Development Chef James “Jocky” Petrie.

4. The All-Stars

Here come the all-stars! First up, the women of the Red Team: Barbie (Season 10), Jennifer (Season 9), Robyn (Season 10), Michelle (Season 14), Ashley (Season 15), Dana (Season 10), Elise (Season 9), Amanda (Season 15). Now, the men of the Blue Team: Milly (Season 14), Josh (Season 14), Van (Season 6), Nick (Season 14), Benjamin (Season 7), Ben (Season 5), Giovanni (Season 5), Jared (Season 15).

5. Salmon, Shade and a Talking Stone

Last, but most certainly not least, the inevitable drama. This Hell’s Kitchen premiere teaser finds the boistrous Robyn, showing off her “talking stone” as Barbie has dubbed it. What could it possibly be saying? Elise kindly points out that Robyn didn’t speak with the stone about an apparent salmon issue. Judging by the looks and obvious tone of the room, this can’t be good for the Red Team’s morale in the kitchen.

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So there you have it. nne men and nine women tossed back into the fiery pit of Hell’s Kitchen to compete again for the chance to come out ontop with a ridiculous pay raise in Las Vegas and one talking stone at the center of it all. Alright, so it could be a recipe for disaster, but it looks entertaining nonetheless! 

Hell’s Kitchen: All-Stars premieres September 29 at 8/7c on FOX.

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Jilliane Johnson

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV