After all the dancing and all the scores, season 16 of Dancing with the Stars came down to the top two performers. Kellie Pickler and Zendaya were neck and neck all season long, so it was only fitting that they were the final two standing.

DWTS Finale Results: And the Winner Is…

A Surprising and Not So Surprising Result

I have to admit I was a bit surprised when I heard Kellie and Derek Hough’s names called as the winners. However, in retrospect, it’s really not that surprising.

I picked Zendaya to win, because she had a slight edge in the judges’ scoring throughout most of the season, and I was sure that her fans would be extremely active in voting for her. I was a bit shocked at first to hear Kellie’s name called but, really, she and Derek are deserving of the mirror ball trophy.

The Final Scores

Taking a look back at the comparison between Zendaya and Kellie’s scores from the judges this season, you can see they were practically even. Below are Kellie and Zendaya’s scores from the judges during season 16 (this only takes into account the dances each star did with just their professional partner).

Kellie Pickler — Avg. 27.6 (scored a perfect 30 four times)

Zendaya — Avg. 27.5 (scored a perfect 30 four times)

As you can see, Kellie and Zendaya were as close to even as two competitors could be in Dancing with the Stars. In fact, they were just one point apart. It’s really amazing when you consider these averages took into factor 13 performances. You’ll have a hard time arguing that one is a better dancer than the other. Just look at the judges’ scores.

The Final Performance

I think Kellie and Derek’s final performance on Monday night’s show may have put them over the top. Obviously, it came down to the fans’ votes, but I think Kellie and Derek’s final performance really stuck with fans when it came time to vote for a winner.

Kellie and Zendaya both scored perfect 30’s on their two dances Monday night, but I think Kellie’s final performance resonated with the audience more. Zendaya and Val performed an upbeat number, but it was very similar to what she and the other competitors have done all season. Kellie and Derek chose instead to go with a more powerful and emotional performance which brought judge Carrie Ann Inaba to tears. In the end, I think Kellie showed a little more versatility, and that final performance proved that.

Season 16 of Dancing with the Stars was relatively uneventful going into the final week. However, the final voting result was truly up for grabs with either Zendaya or Kellie having the ability to take home the mirror ball trophy. Although I predicted Zendaya would win, and I freely admit I was wrong, I think Kellie deserved to win more. Kellie and Derek were not only able to perfect their dances, but they also were able to perform at an emotional level that even Zendaya and Val couldn’t touch. Congratulations to Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough on a well-deserved season 16 victory.

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