One week ago on The Voice, a guy from Team Shakira and a guy from Team Usher went home. Will history repeat itself?

I’m predicting yes, with Josiah Hawley and Kris Thomas suffering the same fate as all those guys on American Idol this season, getting picked off before an all-female finale. I’m just hoping Carson Daly doesn’t wait until the lat minute to announce who’s going home, though I know he will. If they insist on this, the least they could do is put up a countdown clock to make it even more tense.

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But aside from the actual results, The Voice will get serious and pay tribute to the victims of the deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma with a performance by Sooner State native Blake Shelton and his wife, Miranda Lambert.

This is The Voice live blog!

“Over You” by Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert

We begin with a heartfelt tribute to Blake’s home state of Oklahoma. It’s simple, elegant, poignant and beautiful. This is a truly great song. The Voice really knows how to pay respect to tragedies like this.

Shakira with Sasha Allen and Kris Thomas: “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders

I’m sensing a theme of emotionally-charged songs out of respect for the tornado victims tonight. I’m super in love with the tone of Shakira’s voice. It’s so unique and instantly recognizable. Sasha does a better job with the song than Kris, as far as I’m concerned.

Carson Daly finds Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel in the audience to awkwardly promote Fast and Furious 6. Ugh, I’d rather spend a night in the Sprint Skybox with Christina Milian than watch this movie, although I do love me some Paul Walker. Even in Meet the Deedles. Vin then invites everyone in the audience to the premiere of the film, which is happening tonight.

The Voice Confessional

What would everyone do if they weren’t singers? The highlights include Pharell Williams wanting to be Willy Wonka, with hot chicks instead of Oompa Loompas, Michelle Chamuel as a puppeteer, Zach Swon’s stellar impressions of Elmo and the Cowardly Lion and Shakira showing off her skills as a circus contortionist. Man, between this and his Scream face, Zach Swon is one insanely awesome dude. These segments are really helping The Swon Brothers become fan favorites.


Before getting to results, Carson asks Josiah Hawley a question. I know he says this is random, but last week both eliminated singers got asked questions, so that’s a bad sign.

The first singer in the Top 8 is…Danielle Bradbery!
The second singer in the Top 8 is…Judith Hill!

No surprise since everyone, including the coaches, think one of them will be the ultimate winner. And since Danielle had the first Top 10 download on iTunes this week.

Team Blake: “Mountain Music” by Alabama

Doesn’t it feel like Team Blake is getting more exposure than anyone else this season? At this rate I won’t be completely surprised if Danielle Bradbery, Holly Tucker and The Swon Brothers are all in the finale. At some point The Voice becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy if they get to perform more often than anyone else on the show, Team Blake performed with their coach last week, so how about giving them a week off to spread the screentime?


Amber Carrington gets the question. Ooh, could she be in danger?

The third singer in the Top 8 is…Michelle Chamuel!
The fourth singer in the Top 8 is…Sasha Allen!

Good saves, but no surprises.

Usher with Michelle Chamuel and Josiah Hawley: “The Look of Love” by Burt Bacharach

Seriously? THIS is the song Team Usher gets to perform? Unless Michelle drops to one knee and starts beat-boxing, followed by Usher and Josiah recreating a scene from Magic Mike, this is an epic fail. Sadly, none of that happens.


The fifth singer in the Top 8 is…Sarah Simmons!

Good for her, I hope this means she’ll keep doing upbeat, kick-ass songs instead of emotional ballads.

Team Adam: “I’ve Got the Music in Me” by The Kiki Dee Band

So on last week’s results shows, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton both performed with their teams, but Team Shakira and Team Usher didn’t get to sing anything. This week Shakira and Usher sing with their teams AND Blake and Adam’s teams each get performances as well? How is this fair? The performance is disco-tastic, but I’m really just too bitter about the show’s obvious bias in favor of the old coaches to care.


Kris gets the third question. I’m now convinced by Josiah/Kris prediction is spot-on. Then Holly gets a question. Oh Carson, don’t think you’re fooling us by asking everyone questions. I know it’s always the first and third person. Carson then goes deep into Holly’s song about how inspirational it was after the Oklahoma tornadoes.

The sixth singer in the Top 8 is…Holly Tucker!

So I guess all that talk about her very religious performance was just to promote her even more. Come on, Carson, Team Blake doesn’t need any help.


Once again The Voice is pushing the results until the very last second in order to make sure people stay tuned for the Grimm season finale. Maybe next week, since NBC doesn’t have a show to promote at 10pm, they’ll actually give the eliminated singers a chance to say goodbye without cutting to Grimm five seconds after announcing who’s going home. Because this is just mean and unfair.

The seventh singer in the Top 8 is…Amber Carrington!
The eighth singer in the Top 8 is…The Swon Brothers!

Josiah Hawley and Kris Thomas ARE ELIMINATED!

Sigh. I really hate how predictable these first two results shows have been. Not only are the guys being decimated (the Top 8 now features The Swon Brothers and seven women), but newbie coaches Shakira and Usher are getting the shaft while Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are on autopilot. Clearly some people are voting as much for the coaches and teams as they are individuals, which is why it would be better if they’d shake up the rotation. I think it would be a good rule if no coach was allowed to appear in three consecutive seasons.

Oh well, now the question remains: Can Sasha Allen and Michelle Chamuel fight off Team Adam and Team Blake? I think Michelle has a shot, but I’m not so sure about Sasha for next week.

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