Joey Fatone’s is a geek, there’s no denying it. This week he embraced his geekiness and shared it with audience, bringing his R2-D2 to rehearsals and working with his professional dance partner Kym Johnson to choreograph a Star Wars-themed tango. Kym dressed as Leia from Return of the Jedi, and Joey had a Jedi robe and a lightsaber, and their music was a reworked disco-esque version of the Star Wars theme song. A little over the top? A little cheesy? Maybe, but it seems to have worked well for them.

Dancing with the Stars judge Len Goodman says of the performance,”When I saw all that silly stuff at the start, I thought ‘here we go again,’ but it was good.”

In fact, all the judges liked it well enough to score Joey & Kym as high as anyone (even though they all thought Joey’s bum stuck out too much) and even asked Joey and Kym to do the dance again on Tuesday’s results show.

Even Star Wars creator George Lucas approved of Joe-I Fatone’s Star Wars gimmick on Dancing with the Stars this week.

“I like (Fatone’s) pick in costumes, at least his partner’s pick,” said Lucas. “But he cheated. He took his robe off and had a suit underneath. I mean, c’mon, he should have had a little Jedi outfit on.”

Hey, did you know John Ratzenberger, also on Dancing with the Stars this season, was in the second Star Wars movie? In The Empire Strikes Back Ratzenberger played Rebel Alliance field officer Major Bren Derlin on the ice planet Hoth. You remember, he’s the one who tells Leia that the shield doors have to be closed for the night even though Han and Luke are still out there. (Okay, so I’m a geek too.)

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