In  part one of the Dance Moms season 6 finale, Abby Lee Miller‘s studio was completely divided. The Junior Elites were fed up with Abby’s backstabbing ways, so they decided to quit the ALDC and train on their own for the upcoming competition.

Abby, on the other hand, took this opportunity to place all of her focus on the Minis, since they will be performing against the Junior Elites in the competition. Will the Junior Elites win and prove to Abby that she was wrong to treat them the way she did? Or will their loss show just how badly they need Abby to succeed? Let’s find out in the season 6 finale, titled “Two Teams, Two Studios Part 2.”

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An ALDC Standoff

On the day of the big competition, the Junior Elites face Abby and the Minis for the first time since quitting the team. This quickly turns into an all-out war, as Abby asks her former students to compile a list of reasons why they hate her so much.

The Junior Elites want nothing to do with Abby’s antics, but Abby, of course, won’t let up. As their arguments become even more bitter, Abby tells them that they should appreciate her more because without her, they’d be nobodies. “If you didn’t know me, you’d be at home,” Abby says.

Inside the competition, the Junior Elite moms check in with their daughters to make sure Abby didn’t rattle them before the competition. The girls are completely unfazed by Abby because they find her to just be annoying at this point. However, the moms do think it is sad that she is casting them to the side like this. “Abby pushes away every single person that supports her,” Kira says.

Over in the Minis’ dressing room, Kerri apologizes to Abby for putting up a fit about her daughter Peyton’s trash-inspired costume. In part one of the finale, Kerri’s comments caused Abby to revoke Peyton’s solo and kick her out of the Minis’ group number. Kerri is now hoping to get her daughter back in both dances, but Abby isn’t letting up and keeps Peyton out of them. Things only become worse for Kerri, as the rest of the Mini moms refuse to stick up for her against Abby, despite originally promising to do so.

There is plenty of drama for the Junior Elites as well. As the girls rehearse their solos and group routine, Kendall reveals that she recently injured her shoulder, so she is unsure whether or not to perform her solo. Jill, being the true dance mom she is, tries to push Kendall to do her solo, but nobody else thinks it is a good idea to send her on stage to perform a solo in this condition. Kendall is distraught over her injury because she was finally ready to show Abby just how much potential she truly has.

As the Junior Elites deal with the loss of Kendall’s solo, they end up gaining a new dancer. Kerri and Peyton drop by to let them know that none of the other Mini moms stood up for them against Abby. The Junior Elites know all too well what it is like to be treated this way by Abby, so they offer Peyton a spot on their new team, which is called “Mother Dance Studio.” Thanks to the Junior Elites, Peyton will be able to perform her solo in the competition.

The Solos

The first dancer to go on is Elliana. Her contemporary solo, “Sing for You,” is facing a lot of pressure, since Abby previously dubbed it a Maddie-like solo. Elliana definitely doesn’t live up to Maddie’s standards, but she is still able to put on a great performance, which is full of great facial expressions and powerful movements.

Alexus is next up with “Infected Spirit.” Based on the music for the dance and Alexus’ costume, there should be some edginess to the performance. However, Alexus doesn’t do enough to showcase this feeling in the dance, making it fall a bit flat.

Despite dancing on a new team, Peyton takes the stage with “I Love Trash.” She does a great job of proving herself on stage, especially since the solo features several highly difficult moves for a dancer as young as she is. Abby is impressed by all of Peyton’s talents, but she knows she will need to change one thing before she can be a star. “The only thing standing in between Peyton and stardom is Kerri,” Abby explains.

The first of the Junior Elites to go on is Brynn with her solo, “Left Cycle.” Brynn shows why Abby deemed her the best soloist earlier in the season because she conveys all of the powerful emotions behind the number and her moves are executed brilliantly.

Following Brynn is Kalani. It is no secret that Kalani has always been one of the most talented dancers on the team, but Abby has failed to work her to her fullest potential. In “False,” Kalani is finally able to perform a more mature and difficult number, which is what she should have been doing this entire season.

After seeing her former students perform their stunning solos, Abby reveals that she is not at all impressed. “They went to that other teacher, expecting a choreographer that just waves his magic wand and whips them into the ultimate shape in a week. Really? I didn’t see anything magical,” she responds.

Abby then takes her negativity outside of the competition as well. She refuses to comment on the Junior Elites’ dances, proving that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. The Junior Elites could care less because they know she is just jealous they did so well without her help.

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The Group Routines

Before the next part of the competition begins, the Junior Elites reach out to Erin Babbs, who choreographed their group routine, to receive some last-minute motivation. She tells them to stay focused, keep the deep meaning behind the number in mind and dance for themselves. This gives them the positivity they need to succeed, which is something they never had with Abby.

The Minis are up with their group routine, “Going, Going, Gone.” The young ALDC dancers are actually able to do something they’ve struggled with the entire season — dance as a team. Rather than looking like four soloists, they finally appear to be a solid unit. This may help them to win another first place award.

The moment we have all been waiting for has arrived. The Junior Elites take the stage with their group number, “And Then There was One.” The moms know that all of the pressure is on their girls to succeed because Abby would never let them live it down if they lose. “This is the first time these kids are competing without Abby. If this doesn’t go well, Abby wins and we will be the ones to suffer,” Jill explains.

This routine is one for the record books. It is completely evident that the girls have put their hearts and souls into perfecting this number because their emotions are stronger than ever. It seems impossible to find any faults in this eerie piece, which is sure to irritate Abby even more.

The Awards

The first awards to be given out are for the Mini solos. Alexus ends up taking third and Peyton wins second, while Elliana is the first prize winner.

Will Brynn and Kalani do as well as the Minis did with their awards? Brynn matches Elliana by winning first, but Kalani falls short and only takes second. However, Abby then goes way too far. As the first place winner in Kalani’s category is announced, Abby, for some odd reason, decides it is appropriate to loudly cheer for the winner. The rest of the moms are stunned that she would act this way towards Kalani. “You’re dead to me,” Kira responds.

The good times keep on rolling for the Minis, as they win another first place trophy for their group routine. The Junior Elites are not as lucky because their group number only wins third. The moms are shocked at this result, but they are still proud of their girls for everything they have done this week.

After the awards, the Junior Elite moms confront Abby for mistreating their girls for another week in a row. Abby is, of course, defensive and fights right back. The high emotions in all of the women cause a vicious screaming match to break out. Some harsh insults are thrown around, and the Junior Elite moms even confirm their hatred for Abby.

As the moms storm away from Abby, they know that these issues are unfixable. They are unsure as to where their girls will be dancing in the future, but they know that it won’t have anything to do with Abby.

What did you think of the finale? Was Abby’s behavior out of control or was it justified? Did the Minis deserve to win all of the awards that they did? Were you surprised as to how poorly the Junior Elites did in the awards? Do you think the Junior Elites should rejoin the ALDC? Whose side are you on? Be sure to let us know all of your thoughts in the comments section and in the poll below.

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