The VH1 reboot of America’s Next Top Model is almost here. The next iteration of the series will begin on December 12 at 10/9 on VH1. Most of the judging panel has been announced for quite a while but there has been something, or someone, missing. While Rita Ora will become the next host of America’s Next Top Model there is no supermodel on the show to fill the role of Tyra Banks. Now that has changed. VH1 News reports that Ashley Graham has joined the show as a judge, filling the supermodel vacancy.

[WATCH] VH1 Releases Promo and Premiere Date for America’s Next Top Model Reboot>>> Ashley Graham is a former cover girl for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and Lane Bryant lingerie model. The “plus-sized” model, though she doesn’t prefer that term, has been a long-time activist for the body positivity movement. Graham has appeared on everything from The Ellen DeGeneres Show to Good Morning America to promote healthy attitudes about body shape and that people of all sizes can be beautiful. Now she has joined America’s Next Top Model as a judge.

It is unknown whether Ashley Graham’s position on the judges’ panel of America’s Next Top Model might bring in different body shapes to the competition but there is definitely a bigger possibility. There is very little known about the models in general for the reboot series, though we do know that things are moving back to New York for the new season and the models will once again all be female. 

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VH1 promises that Graham will join America’s Next Top Model to “help shape the next top model but don’t think she won’t check you if she needs to check you. Expect her to bring the wisdom, the love and maybe a little drama.”

But what do you think? Is Ashley Graham a good choice for America’s Next Top Model? Do you hope this means that there will be more variety in the models’ body types on the reboot of America’s Next Top Model

Graham will first appear on the new America’s Next Top Model in the season premiere, which will air Monday, December 12 at 10/9c on VH1. Want more news? Like our ANTM Facebook page!

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