Last week on the first part of the Dance Moms reunion show, we got an idea of where the moms stood at the present time. This week, the girls take center stage in their own reunion show. I’m sure it is going to be interesting as there’s “no moms allowed.”

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Question and Answer with Chloe as Host

Host Jeff Collins greets us with the news that this will be a question and answer session for the girls. The questions come from the fans, and Chloe, Maddie and Nia will start it off.

Maddie and Chloe get most of the questions. The first is about friendship, having the girls admit they’ve been close since the age of 4. They do have to compete against each other. I think these three are friends, but Chloe and Maddie are close.

Chloe is asked about how it feels to know Maddie is the favorite. She points out that Maddie isn’t always the favorite. She has accepted that fact. Oh great, they show the judge clip. It seems to be the first time the girls have seen the clip and Chloe says that made her stronger.

Maddie is asked if Abby yells at her. She gets upset when Abby says she can do this or that and she can’t. Maddie basically lives at the studio. We’re reminded of the season where Maddie went three weeks without a solo. Nia points out that she only had three solos that entire season.

When discussing Maddie’s performance without music, Maddie says she completed the dance so Abby wouldn’t be mad. Nia points out that’s what they’re trained to do. The girls learn early!

Chloe and Maddie’s favorite solo is the Black Swan. I agree that was a great number.

And Payton

Payton joins Chloe and Nia to talk about being constantly kicked off the team only to return. Payton thinks Abby uses her to tell a story. Of course, the story is weird. I agree with Payton on that.

They discuss Kinky Boots, and Nia tells us that she didn’t realize a drag queen wasn’t a woman. We see the Laquifa clip with the death drop. Nia feels that learning the death drop gave her confidence. To me, Nia always had confidence.

When asked about injuries, the only one who hasn’t has been hurt (so far) is Chloe. Abby, don’t get ideas! Payton has had a broken finger, two broken toes and a snapped ankle. Maddie hurt her back, but it was the floor’s fault. And Nia twisted her ankle.

Payton is asked if it was fair that she got kicked off because of breaking her ankle. Payton says she doesn’t really care because she wants to be part of the team. That’s what set her mom off, though. Nia says she were just being a kid.

Asia and MacKenzie Join In

Asia and McKenzie join Chloe and are asked if they are friends. Their friendship equals pals. Asia liked doing the competitions, but I don’t get the puppy comment. MacKenzie tells Asia that she liked the robot dance. (Why is Asia here? She left mid-way through last year.)

Mackenzie’s favorite part of Dance Moms is singing. Asia thinks she may be Katy Perry in two years. Mackenzie introduces the world premiere of “Girl Party.” (She’s good, but the music is too loud. I wonder when the Disney show will come. I see her as the next Hannah Montana.)

Thoughts of the Missing

Nia, Maddie and Chloe talk about what it is like not having Brooke and Paige on the team. Brooke was the only one who could do the bendy thing (Maddie’s term, not mine). I’m glad. We get a clip of Brooke’s Eden number.

Chloe feels she was close to Brooke. When Brooke dated, the boy really was dating all of the team. Chloe tells us that Brooke always gets the boys and that their plans were to move to Los Angeles, live near each other and get married on the same day. I feel bad for Chloe. She tears up during this segment.

They’re asked about Paige. Nia tells us that her best dance was “The Last Text.” Maddie points out that Paige didn’t dance but she had to sell the song with her acting. The clip is shown, but I wish it was without crowd reactions.

Kendall Discusses Family

Collins says that fans are surprised about the amount of time the girls spend together. Kendall, Maddie and Chloe call the moms crazy and Chloe admits that Jill cracks her up. Kendall tells everyone that Jill puts her makeup in the car as Maddie interprets.

All the girls were happy for Kendall’s magazine cover. She thought it would go to Nia. The picture is beautiful. Chloe tells her she looked fierce and mean. Kendall sees the team as her family because she sees them more.

Favorite Dances

Kendall’s favorite is her duet with Maddie to “The Body Electric.” And Chloe’s is “Dream on a Star.”

And Now Vivi-Anne

Vivi-Anne joins Maddie and Chloe to talk about Cathy. Vivi-Anne likes having her mom teach her, but she likes her best as mom. Vivi shows eyebrow tricks. She is actually a quiet girl.

You know, I really feel sorry for Nia. No question really focused on her, and when there was a group question, she wasn’t on stage. We all know Maddie and Mackenzie are favorites and Chloe is good. I feel bad that the rest of the team are overlooked tonight. Maybe next time, Collins will include them more. 


Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Lifetime.

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