This week’s Dance Moms promises that Abby knows something about country, but whether it is traditional or contemporary remains to be seen. The burning questions for me are: will Abby actually show up at the competition? And will Kelly and Abby have a heart-to-heart like last week?

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We open with the Dance Moms group back in Pittsburgh and Abby starting the rehearsal with the pyramid. We find the bottom row has MacKenzie, Paige, Brooke and Nia. Next is Kendall, Chloe and Maddie. This leaves Asia on top, and I’m sure that Melissa isn’t happy. It seems that costume (Nia), nerves (Kendall) and no solo (Chloe and Maddie) are no excuse for not making it to the top. While I agree with the thought process, Abby needs to call them out privately.

This week, MacKenzie will be doing “Reach for the Stars” as a solo. Maddie and Kendall will do a duet called “Bodies Electric.” Chloe will do a duet with Asia called “My Doll.” And poor Nia is left out in the cold — again. In addition, Dance Spirit magazine will do a piece on “the day in the life of an ALDC member”: Maddie. The group dance, “Country Cuties,” is loaded with “tricks” (acrobatic moves). The moms sense that this routine could be a problem because of all the flips. Melissa is worried about MacKenzie’s “trick” of walking the length of the dancers for 48 counts.

Rachel Zar of Dance Spirit shows up at Melissa’s home to start shadowing Maddie through her day. Surprise! Here comes Kendall and Jill, and even though Melissa tries to hide Jill, Rachel joins them and sees Kendall’s cover that Jill just happens to have with her. Melissa calls Jill pushy and a show-off, which are words the other moms use for Melissa. Jill does ask how they picked Maddie, which Christie also questions in the dressing room later. The moms learn that Abby and the magazine jointly picked Maddie for the feature.

The competition is In10sity in Buffalo and will be Abby’s deciding performance on who gets a solo at Nationals. Melissa continues with excuses, but no one is buying her talk. During rehearsal, Abby actually gets out on the floor with the girls to demonstrate moves! Abby must also want some magazine coverage. Rachel and her photographer leave as Kendall and Maddie begin their duet. Abby isn’t happy and promises that Maddie will do a solo if Kendall can’t do the dance. Jill questions Abby on the background dance, to which Abby tells her it is her concept, her choice.

As the days tick down, Holly is worried about the group dance, but Jill is focused on the duet. Holly points out that Jill is getting what she wants — a Kendall/Maddie duet. Christie sees Chloe’s duet as a way for Abby to replace Chloe.

At the competition, Abby reminds them that their reward could be a solo, while the moms look worried. First up is MacKenzie, who gets a smile from Abby. During the dance, Abby tells Melissa that Asia “is the best thing that ever happened to [MacKenzie].” Chloe and Asia are up next, and Kristie and Christie are both worried. The dance looks good, but Abby sees Chloe’s rough spots and Asia shining. Before Kendall and Maddie dance, Jill and Abby get into a fight, but the “mirror image” dance looks good on stage. While the girls prepare for the group, Melissa gets a message from Rachel with information from the article. During the group dance, MacKenzie falls out of her hand walk, with Melissa making excuses.

At awards, MacKenzie wins mini-solo first, Chloe and Asia take second to Maddie and Kendall is first in the junior duet, and the group wins first place in the junior small group. Abby tells us that MacKenzie is lucky that they got first. As Abby walks in, Jill and Christie have been fighting. Abby announces that she does not like what she saw on stage. The kids enter, and Abby tells everyone that she is not happy and will not be beaten by Cathy.

Next week during the season finale, the group travels to New Orleans where Abby and Candy’s moms have drama.

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Linda Martindale

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