With Amanda and McCrae nominated on Big Brother 15, the Power of Veto doesn’t seem to matter that much. One of them is almost certainly going to be evicted, but nonetheless, the PoV could change which one it is.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

McCrae won the Power of Veto. He saved himself and Spencer became the replacement nominee.

Amanda tried very, very hard to convince GinaMarie to nominate Elissa instead, but it didn’t work. Judd tried to convince McCrae to save Amanda instead, but that ridiculous plot also failed. So now Amanda pretty much knows she’s going to be evicted. I suspect it will be a 3-1 vote, assuming McCrae stands by his woman.

This means, thanks to Judd returning to the game, the first five members of the jury are all women. After the first three evictions were men, it’s a huge surprise to see that the guys are now in control and the women are taking each other out left and right. It seemed all-but certain that a woman would win this season when the Top 9 featured three men and six women, but the tables have definitely turned.

This is the 10th time the Power of Veto has been used this season, tying the record set last year. Since there are still three more Power of Veto competitions left to play, odds are good that Big Brother 15 will break that record.

More importantly, this ceremony marks a historic moment in Big Brother history. This is Spencer’s seventh time being nominated, which is the most ever for an HG. Equally impressive, it’s the sixth time he will face an eviction vote, which is more than anyone. He’s survived against Jeremy, Candice, Judd, Jessie and Helen, and in all that time he’s only had one vote cast against him (Kaitlin in week 3).

While Spencer will now face his sixth eviction vote, McCrae remains the only HG to never face a vote. He’s been nominated the past two weeks, but was saved with the Power of Veto both times. Andy and GinaMarie will be the only other HGs who have never had a vote cast against them, assuming Amanda is evicted.

McCrae will also tie another record this week for the most eviction votes cast. This will be his 10th time voting, something only three other people have ever done. In season 3, Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy both voted 10 times, though one of Jason’s was a tie-breaker as HoH. In season 6, runner-up Ivette Corredero voted 10 times, though once was a tie-breaker as HoH and once was when she won the final HoH and had to pick who to take to the finale.

McCrae has already tied the record for voting with the house, doing it all nine times he’s voted. Season 6 winner Maggie Ausburn is the only other person who voted with the majority nine times. If McCrae dares to vote against his girlfriend, he could set the new record for most times voting with the house. And this will be Andy’s ninth eviction vote, so he could tie the most times voting with the house.

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