On tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi focuses all of her attention on her upcoming musical. Kenya makes a trial run at motherhood. Porsha’s priorities are out of whack. A fight between Gregg and NeNe and Peter and Cynthia puts a strain on the couples’ friendship.

When we last left the gang, they were finishing their visit south of the border with a bang. The claws were out, and it wasn’t the ladies. Gregg drew first blood over Peter’s run in with NeNe at Kenya’s masquerade ball. Gregg and Peter’s conflict resembled that of two kittens wrestling compared to what happened when NeNe stepped up to speak on her own behalf. Can the close foursome overcome the statuesque “blonde” telling her bestie’s husband to stop acting like a bitch?

Trouble in Paradise

Cynthia, trying to be the voice of reason, pulls the two men aside and tells them they need to act right. I’m paraphrasing, but you get the point. Girl has some serious skills as a husband whisperer because the men dial it down quite a bit. Too bad the real damage has already been done. Peter isn’t about to let that bitch’s comment slide. He makes it clear that he doesn’t fight dirty. That means no hair pulling, biting or name calling. NeNe apologizes in a typical NeNe fashion. She clarifies she wasn’t calling Peter a bitch, just saying that he was acting like one.

NeNe and Gregg just can’t bow out gracefully. Gregg is determined to have the last word. He once again says that Peter gets one “get out of jail free” card, but next time, he won’t get a  pass.

Kenya is concerned utmost with how this ugly scene concerns her. Her whole purpose for the trip, so she says, was to bring the group together. Now, they’re even more fractured. 

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Back in Atlanta…

Kandi is hard at work putting the last touches on her musical, A Mother’s Love. The last thing Kandi needs is an amateur with a diva complex, but that’s exactly what she’s got on her hands. Porsha’s demands include her own dressing room and receiving equal billing as established musical artists. Yeah, that’s gonna happen. Just cause she can belt out “Amazing Grace” doesn’t make her Mariah Carey.

Porsha shows up to meet with Kandi and Kandi’s manager Don Juan. As usual, Porsha’s clueless about what’s going on in her own life. She doesn’t want to get her hands dirty, she feels any negotiating should be done via her attorney. Porsha looks to be taking a cue from her showbiz idol NeNe Leakes, who as far as I know, is now unemployed.

Kandi really should know better after launching Kim’s “singing” career and getting screwed over in the process. Porsha doesn’t want to fall out with her girl over it, so she wants to just get everything “tight and right.”

Friends Don’t Call Friends Names

NeNe and Cynthia are on the outs. NeNe doesn’t think the argument goes deep enough for their friendships to not be in tact anymore. Gregg and Peter see what went down from their own perspectives, and let’s just say they don’t necessarily jibe.

NeNe feels like Peter’s the only husband who confronts the ladies, and stands by her conviction that Peter was acting like a bitch. In other words, neither husband nor wife are sorry. The chances of  reconciliation are slim since they don’t seem willing to meet Peter and Cynthia halfway. The cold hard truth is that Gregg should have dealt with Peter one on one the night of Kenya’s masquerade.  And NeNe should have let them work it out. She really has no sense of her hypocrisy. She butt into the mens’ business. Maybe Peter should have called her a d**k.

Cynthia tells her husband there isn’t anything that Gregg Leakes could do that would ever make her call him a bitch and in front of his wife. Cynthia’s got her hubby’s back, and Peter expects her to speak up on his behalf.

While NeNe is holding on to the belief that this too shall pass, Cynthia is willing to break ties if NeNe can’t admit that she was wrong.

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Kenya, Marlo and Baby Makes Three

Marlo, who was not invited to Mexico, gets all the gossip from her latest housewife bestie. Kenya says everyone was “fake” nice. Kenya conveniently leaves out the fact that the only genuine behavior she displayed was when she was causing problems. Kenya talks a good game telling Marlo that she put both Phaedra and Apollo in check. Maybe in her mind, she did.

Kenya surprises Marlo with the arrival of a parenting coach at her home. Susan is going to assess Kenya’s parenting skills, or as Kenya puts it, “coach me how to respond to the child.” It might have been a good idea to skip Happy Hour before her bundle of joy arrived.

It would be easier to believe Kenya’s desire to become a mother was genuine if she didn’t require an audience every step of the way. She dragged Lawrence to the sperm bank and now makes Marlo privy to this ridiculous exercise.

Kenya’s determined to be the best fake mama there is even though she makes it clear from the get go that she’ll have at least one nanny. She’ll be lugging around this baby under the watchful eye of Susan (aka Child Protective Services) for one week.

There’s one member of the household who sees the foolishness of this exercise: Velvet.

All About Porsha

Rehearsals are underway, and with opening night just three weeks away, everybody is breaking a sweat. Well, almost everybody. While Porsha’s understudy is pulling an All About Eve, Porsha’s still caught up in contract negotiations. Kandi’s starting to question whether to even have her friend as part of the production.

Porsha’s priority is celebrating her new fabulosity. She’s hitting the clubs and dipping her toe into the dating pool when she ought to be using it to practice dance moves.

NayNay Strikes Again

Gregg and NeNe have dinner with Cynthia and Peter. Peter wants to establish some guidelines for future quarrels since this is their first confrontation as friends. I seem to recall Peter and NeNe going at it before–earlier this season even. I guess he means as a foursome. Peter says he will never name call because if he felt that way about either one of them, he wouldn’t be friends with them in the first place.

NeNe is convinced that there’s a difference between calling Peter a bitch as opposed to saying he acts like one. On top of that, she genuinely believes one is offensive while the other is not. I’m not sure I’ve heard the  B-word bandied about so often during the course of one dinner conversation before the food has even been ordered.

NeNe admits to speaking in the heat of the moment which is as close to admitting wrongdoing as NeNe probably gets.

Gregg’s quicker to order the humble pie. He expresses sorrow on behalf of himself and his wife. All’s well that ends well. At least until the reunion.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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