When last we watched Dance Moms, Abby and the moms were at war. Nia had lost her solo honoring Maya Angelou and Holly had told Abby to get some class. Will Nia dance? Will Abby have class? I won’t even hazard a guess on that one.

Pyramid Time

With what went down in New Jersey, I’m expecting everyone to be on the bottom. As the moms arrive, Holly points out that there are unresolved issues and wants a dialogue away from the girls. Abby sees the criticism as excusing Nia from bad dancing. Holly tells us she refuses to back down.

The girls arrive and Abby explains the number was pulled last week because of the moms. Tracey and her daughter, Sarah, are back. MacKenzie, Chloe, Kendall, Nia and Maddie are on the same row, but Maddie is the top. The reason is because she danced last week. Whose fault is that, Abby?

This week, the competition is Dance Kids USA in Orlando. It’s the last competition before Nationals. Next week is recital. The solos: Sarah’s doing “Sun Goddess,” Kendall is doing Maddie’s solo from last week and Nia is doing “Goodbye Maya,” a tribute to Maya Angelou. Tracey asks if this will determine whether Sarah will dance with the Elite team. No answer from Abby! All three are going head to head. The group will be doing “Seven Dancers.” Abby is bringing in an additional team member and Tracey starts crying foul.

And what’s this? Chloe has to leave early for a MRI. What is wrong with her?

Rehearsal and the Moms’ Room

Abby tells the girls that if the mom goes, they go. Holly explains her stance. She’s going to hold Abby accountable for her behavior.

Abby’s group dance will have the girls as the seven dwarfs. The routine is fun and entertaining but may not be competitive enough to win. Jill literally gives it thumbs down. Abby calls in a ringer, musical theater student Kaylee, for the number and Maddie looks a little worried. Is Kaylee a threat?

The solos are being run and Holly likes Nia’s dance. Nia looks comfortable and Abby isn’t in sight. Maybe Nia has a better chance this week without Abby’s presence.

Abby comes in with Kaylee and Kate. The moms are still not happy with what Jill calls the “hokey pokey” routine. Abby needs the girls to be focused. Kate notices that Chloe looks like she’s in pain, but Christi tells her not to talk about Chloe. After Abby tells the girls she’s not happy, she comes upstairs to talk to the moms. Kate asks about Kaylee’s chances on the team. Abby tells her it’s none of her business. Well, a new mom is now the target.

Nia’s solo has a spoken part that Abby has just added. Abby wants her to have power and conviction and calls Holly downstairs for a session of constructive criticism. It’s not negative, which makes me (and Holly) happy. Upstairs, Holly admits that the rehearsal went well. She thinks the whiteboard helped.

Kendall is up next with Maddie’s solo. Christi points out that Abby is plugging Kendall now and Jill is happy. Abby tells us that the technical areas are where Kendall messes up.

Abby calls the girls together and tells them no sun, no fun until after the competition. What a pep talk, Abby!

Orlando and the Competition

Abby arrives at the competition an hour late and with high expectations. Who is in the hallway? Cathy is there with Lucas. She has something that will make Abby run scared at Nationals. Abby is worried in the dressing room with only 10 minutes to get ready and on stage.

As the solos prepare, Abby gives a positive pep talk. As the moms take a seat, Cathy offers insults.

Sarah is first with her one shot at going to Nationals. The routine looks clean but with errors. Maddie gives Nia a pep talk before she takes the stage. Nia looks confident and strong and the dance style is one of Nia’s strengths. She’s sharp and the speech is strong. This is the best I’ve seen Nia perform.

Last is Kendall. Cathy and her cohort talk negatively during the routine. Kendall does a good job on the dance and I actually like her facials better than Maddie’s.

As the girls prepare for the group dance, Kate gives criticism of the solos. She hated Sarah’s routine. Abby looks stunned and questions whether she wants either on the team.

The group dance is up and Cathy touches Abby and tells her to “Shhh.” Abby is upset that Cathy touched her. The group takes the stage. While the costumes look a little childish, the routine comes together. Cathy thinks the routine is annoying and parts of it are bad. Cathy, it’s pretty good for musical theater. Does your group know that style?


Abby is looking at the solos to decide Nationals. Sarah’s routine comes in fourth. Second goes to Kendall. Nia’s name hasn’t been called and we’re at first. Holly and Nia look worried. When Nia’s name is called, she is all smiles, and Holly quickly celebrates. Holly tells us that it is the first time Nia has won. The overall group routine goes to “Seven Dancers.” Abby is happy, but Cathy smirks.

Abby thinks Nia did a great job. In the dressing room, Abby gives Holly a hug. Nia gets a hug from Melissa and tells us she won for her mom. Nia, you won for yourself. Abby tells Kaylee goodbye and that she will be in touch. Kendall gets that she should have done better. Abby lets Sarah go, which upsets Tracey. Sarah cries as they leave.

Oh no! Cathy arrives and calls the routine dumb. She tells everyone that at Nationals, they have something enormous planned. Cathy brings out the worse in Abby and they have words in the hall. Abby takes it to a new level by threatening to get Cathy kicked out of competitions.

Next Week

Recital and Christi gets upset because Abby calls in a guest. Chloe’s foot is in a cast and she may be unable to perform. And the recital will determine the Nationals team. 


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