Dance Moms has had Abby in many different moods this year. It’s almost like she has multiple personality disorder. We’re never sure what we’ll see next. With Candy Apples returning, what will Abby do to win?

Rehearsal Time

As Abby starts rehearsal, she brags about the win. You would think she did the dance herself! Kalani and Payton are in the lineup, but Kalani is named as a permanent member with her mom, Kira, replacing Kelly. Lesley explodes and tells Abby off about not choosing Payton. Same old, same old speech, but it is true.

On the bottom of the pyramid are Kalani, Kendall, Nia and Chloe. Mckenzie, Maddie and Payton make up the second row. At the top is Kelly with Christi being told to use her friendship with Kelly to get some costumes returned. Both Holly and Christi see this as impossible.

This week, the group will attend World Class Talent in Cathy’s stomping grounds of Canton, Ohio. The group routine is called “Frost” and the girls will wear white costumes that they have used before. Kalani and Payton will be performing solos.

Abby starts rehearsal on “Frost” but stops the rehearsal because it isn’t frightening enough. Maybe Abby should step out on stage to give the girls a scare. She also thinks that seven dancers are too many, which makes Holly realize that Nia could be cut. Abby does tell viewers that Cathy will not ruin her winning streak.

In Ohio, Cathy wants the students to feel the emotion of the music. Their body has to be transformed. “The Last Dance” was choreographed by someone else, but Cathy wants more so she’s changed the routine. For her, pulling the routine is good strategy. Cathy, is it really strategy or fear?

The next day, Payton doesn’t have a costume when they arrive at the studio. Abby takes each costume from each mom as they enter. Lesley stands at the desk and tries to reach Kelly again. Abby turns on Christi, who tells her to call Kelly’s lawyer. Of course, the two get into a screaming war and foul language flies. Abby takes it out on the girls during rehearsal, which upsets Jill. As Jill tells the moms, Abby should leave it outside the studio. But Jill, if she did that, there would be no drama.

In the next rehearsal, Abby hopes Christi won’t show up but she does. Abby isn’t happy and the moms fear the worst. Abby is considering turning the group dance into a trio. Payton is doing “Femme Fatale” and Abby isn’t happy with her posture. While Lesley wants Payton to be in the trio, Melissa points out the difference in height. (What about costume?) When Holly tries to reason with Lesley, the latter says that Nia has a permanent spot on the team. Lesley, don’t you listen? No one is safe.

Kalani is next with “Unless You Say Your Sorry.”

On the floor, Abby is looking at costumes when the moms arrive with their “Plan B.” Lesley almost immediately gets shot down because none of the costumes will fit Payton and she’s cut. Abby accepts the moms’ plan. Christi and Chloe both look to be close to tears.

In Ohio, Cathy is working on Nick’s solo, “Beautiful You.” Nick is getting tall, but he still has such style. He’s just lost his father and Cathy hopes she can help him and his mother get over their pain. My heart goes out to Nick and his mom and I give him kudos for his courage!

The Ohio Competition Starts

In Ohio, Cathy gets a warm welcome and Abby thinks it is all her former students. In the dressing room, Abby is being picky about the costumes. Payton’s costume doesn’t satisfy and Lesley blames Abby. Lesley explodes at her and Kira and the gloves come off early. Of course, Cathy is next door and hears everything. Lesley uses the F-word and Payton and Lesley leave the building. Lesley just can’t learn.

As the competition starts, Cathy goes up to a judge and tries to charm a good score. Of course, everyone in the audience hears it. Nick dances “Beautiful You” and uses technique beautifully. He leaves both Cathy and his mom in tears. Kalani is dancing against him and she’s doing a beautiful job almost going on pointe in one place.

As the groups prepare, Cathy’s group becomes almost as vocal as Abby’s. The difference is that the kids provoke the fight. When Cathy tries to calm the moms down, one walks out. Cathy talks to them. You know the meltdown happened due to the pressure. While Cathy’s group is interesting and the brother and sister can spin, some of the placement seems off. Cathy’s success worries Abby’s moms.

As the girls prepare, Abby gives them a pep talk, but it lacks her usual pizzazz. She’s worried and it shows. The girls take the stage, but they can’t hear the music because of the applause. That’s an error on the competition’s part to me. The girls do continue which should give them extra points. Abby isn’t happy, and while Maddie complains backstage, Abby complains to the judge. Kalani tells them to act as if it was perfect.

At awards, the solos are announced and Nick gets third and Kalani gets first. In the group category, Cathy gets second, which means that ADLC gets first and the girls celebrate. In Cathy’s dressing room, they are “sour apples” saying they were better than Abby as Abby’s girls cheer.

Next week, Abby tells the girls about her mom’s pending death. It appears Nia is pulled from the group dance and Holly leaves the building? What?

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