Last week, we listed off the top 10 moments from the first part of the reunion for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 4. This week, let’s take a look at our favorite quotes from part two.

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“Brandi, your cheeks get bigger every time I see you.” — Andy Cohen

Andy asks the ladies what work they’ve had done lately. Kyle cops to Botox, and Brandi says she uses fillers, although she may have overdone it from time to time. Ya think?

“You’re a liar and you’re a hypocrite, you’re a phony and you’re a fraud.” — Kyle
“And you’re a bigot”– Carlton

Kyle insists that Carlton was looking for reasons to dislike her since day one, and that she didn’t have any actual reasons to hate her. Lisa sides with Carlton, telling Kyle that labeling someone anti-semitic has ramifications. But Brandi actually sticks up for Kyle on this one, saying that she really doesn’t think that Kyle had any ill intentions goading Carlton about her religion.

“I’m not offended by the Star of David, I’m offended by you.” — Carlton

Carlton puts to rest officially why she was so offended when Kyle thought her tattoo was the Star of David. And as you can see, it has more to do with the fact that she thinks Kyle is rude and tactless than anything to do with religion.

“Maybe I just don’t get her.” — Lisa

Like throughout most of the season, Lisa just plainly does not want to waste her breath getting into it with Kim. When Andy asks why it is that the two of them just can get along, Lisa sighs and claims she just doesn’t get Kim’s eccentricities. And love for turtles. 

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“I missed a huge chunk of my f***ing life and of my children’s lives. I’m sorry if I missed a party or two.” — Kim

Kim thinks that she’s already suffered enough with addiction and her quest for sobriety to have to answer to Lisa. She doesn’t think it’s fair that Ken suggested that she was drinking again in Puerto Rico, or that he accused her of missing Pandora’s wedding when she was going through such a rough time in her life.

Kim is also confused about whether she can call Lisa a true friend or not. She claims there’s a lot of times where Lisa said she was there for her, but she really was just calling more attention to Kim’s problems. She also is really offended that Lisa didn’t go to Kimberly’s graduation party. At least Lisa tells her that if she knew it had been that important to her, she would have made more of an effort to go.

“I’ve battled depression before. I’m on Lexapro. I’ve been very open about it.” — Brandi

If Brandi is one thing, it’s certainly open. She talks about her personal struggles where it relates to her strained relationship with her parents as well as the complicated situation with her ex-husband and children. She says that since she doesn’t have family in LA, Lisa and Ken were like family, so it was very hard to lose them (even though losing them was her own doing). But she’s feeling much better since the season now that she’s good and medicated.

“I understand depression, but if you’re depressed you shouldn’t try to drag everybody with you. Depression is not an excuse for treating people bad.” — Joyce

Yolanda tells Joyce to have a little compassion for Brandi, and while Joyce says she does feel bad for her, it doesn’t give her an excuse for how nasty Brandi was to her throughout the season. She points specifically to the time where they hugged and made up, and then immediately Brandi went “Eww” after the hug behind her back. Joyce calls Brandi a hypocrite, and Brandi tries to defend herself, but only manages to sound even more hypocritical.

“I think that Brandi at times takes it too far.” — Kyle

While Kyle could be talking about Brandi’s rude mouth, in this instance she’s talking about her drinking. Joyce agrees, saying that she thinks Brandi has a problem. She says it’s one thing to let loose and have fun drinking with your friends, but when you’re a public figure, and mother, having pictures outside a club with your tampon hanging out of your exposed underwear is inappropriate.

She also accuses Brandi of calling the paparazzi when she went to a club, only to get so drunk that she forgot she called them and came out of the club looking a hot mess. Brandi completely denies this, saying that the paparazzi often catches her at her worst moments, and she would never desire that kind of exposure.

That’s it for part two! We’re more than halfway there! Next week, we’ll delve into who is the champion of the season 4 reunion.

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