During this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, bad blood continues to fester between Phaedra and Kenya. Apollo plans a surprise for his wife. Phaedra finally has her say when Kenya insists on clearing the air. Gregg and Peter argue over events that took place at Kenya’s masquerade ball. And Lawrence wears a caftan.

When we last left the handsome ex-soon-to-be-current convict Apollo, he had been caught spending one-on-one time with Kenya by his side. In the words of Cynthia’s husband, Peter, it was about to “jump off.”

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It Happened One Night

Apollo has probably never been so happy to see Porsha and NeNe in his life. Their rowdy entrance provides enough distraction that Apollo quickly slips out of his wife’s line of sight. It’s not like he won’t have to answer for it later, they do share a room. Kandi can’t believe Apollo hasn’t learned his lesson that Phaedra does not want him talking to Kenya, under any circumstances, ever. 

Now that Kenya has caused marital strife, she feels like she and Apollo can put their differences to bed, so to speak. NeNe and Porsha try to point out that Apollo has to respect Phaedra and how she feels about him having contact with Kenya. And like he has told his wife, he lets them know that he’s not going to ignore someone he doesn’t have a problem with just because she says so. Apollo chafes at the idea of needing his wife’s permission or for her to serve as a chaperone, if he wants to have a conversation.

Apollo finds his wife locked out of their hotel room and very frosty given the tropical climate. He asks why she left, and she says she’s ready for bed. He says juvial, she tells him it’s jovial. He’s going back to the party, she wants him to get a room key and he tells her that’s not on his to-do list.

Kenya’s Web

The next morning, Apollo is working overtime to charm his wife. Phaedra’s going to make him work for it. He tells her she needs to find the fun. Working against him is the fact that she’s weeks away from her final mortuary exams and has had to bring her books along to study. Nothing says let’s party like embalming fluid.

Phaedra makes it clear how unhappy she was to hear Apollo even entertain the idea of a friendship with Kenya after all she’s done to destroy their family. I think she needs to be a bit less dramatic. Viewers don’t know what goes on when the cameras are off, but Kenya doesn’t seem to possess the predatory prowess necessary to lure Apollo away from his meal ticket. If she was all that, she wouldn’t have to make up imaginary boyfriends who live in foreign lands. There are plenty upon plenty of handsome eligible men in Hotlanta.

Phaedra’s catching on that her eye candy might be a bit on the obtuse side. She tells her husband that she doesn’t trust Kenya, and she’s already told the woman to stop trying to have a relationship with Apollo because it’s disrespectful. She just wants hubby to steer clear of this particular spider’s web.

Girl Talk

Cynthia, looking spectacular in a bikini, and Peter come across Kenya and Lawrence on the beach. Cynthia’s looking for the 411 on the previous night’s activities. Lawrence sums it up by saying that Apollo and Kenya have Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt chemistry and Phaedra — Jennifer Aniston — is mucking it up. Kenya acts insulted, saying she “doesn’t do married ex-cons,” but you can tell she’s thrilled by the comparison.

She tells Cynthia that she and Apollo “kissed and made up.” Oops, just a slip of the tongue. Oops again. Cynthia’s relieved to hear the two cleared the air because she felt the rumors had gotten out of control. Cynthia questions Phaedra’s reaction and is treated to an interesting and not entirely inaccurate portrayal of the woman’s demeanor. Peter advises Kenya to make sure that Phaedra knows she’s not after her man. She argues that Phaedra’s not her wife, therefore making that conversation Apollo’s job. Kenya also thinks Peter should see himself out of the situation — no breasts, no opinion.

Nothing Says I’m Sorry Like a Whole Lot of Condoms

Since Phaedra’s birthday isn’t far off, Apollo gets Kandi to help him plan a celebration. She’s convinced the gesture is an attempt to thaw Phaedra’s icy exterior. As the two approach the party venue, Apollo is caught on camera saying, “It’s not often I try to do something nice for you. ‘Cause you just so mean all the time.” Sounds like this marriage has bigger problems than Kenya.

There’s the requisite pinata and the predictable comments about pretending the paper mache party favor is Kenya. The inside is full of condoms which seems to excite Gregg the most who scoops them up as fast as he can. Things go from bad to worse when Apollo thanks Phaedra for being the mother of his children and suggests they just keep moving forward. Phaedra goes on to say that she’s glad to be friends with “most of y’all.”

The Definition of Insanity

Everybody’s managed to make it through the trip without winding up in a Mexican jail, so Kenya’s pleased. For their last night, Kenya decides to do a reboot of the couples’ night known now as “Pillow Fight.” She wants the trip to end on a high note, but includes questions like “Name something that annoys you about another couple in the room.” Yeah, that’s a good way to piss away any collateral you’ve built up with this group.

NeNe decides to call out several of the girls about what she perceives as their ignorance: Porsha for her comments about older men and Kandi for her disbelief that NeNe still gets a monthly visitor. Apparently, Kandi mentioned this weeks ago as a random comment not realizing she struck a chord. NeNe wants it known that she’s a young 40, and she can get knocked up anytime she wants to. Kandi says she doesn’t know how old NeNe is nor does she care what’s going on in her panties. Then why’d ya ask?

Todd comes to his woman’s defense. He tells NeNe she might want to work on her delivery. He says it’s possible to school someone without calling them ignorant. NeNe merely shrugs it off and says if Todd doesn’t like it, that’s his problem and it’s not going to change. Kandi’s tired of NeNe’s inability to take constructive criticism.

A question about infidelity puts Apollo in the hot seat when he says that adultery is always a possibility. His main concern is that if Phaedra does cheat on him (if he continues on the way he is, it’s almost a guarantee), he just hopes she uses a condom. Peter calls bulls**t. In his opinion, you don’t get married if you even entertain the idea that your spouse might stray.

You Must Have a Ring on Your Finger to Ride This Ride

Kenya dismisses the boys but is determined to continue to torture the ladies. She wants to make sure the girls put everything on the table so nobody brings any extra baggage back to Atlanta. This woman is just not happy unless she is constantly poking her cast members with a stick.

Kenya tries to approach NeNe about Marlo but gets shot down. She goes after Phaedra next, bringing up the events of the other night. Phaedra doesn’t hold back and immediately reminds Kenya that she’s asked her not to speak to Apollo outside her company. She tells Kenya that if she ever expects them to have a friendship, she should respect that because she’s crossing a line. Who is Phaedra kidding? Like she’s ever going to be buddies with Kenya “The Whore” Moore.

So much for making amends. When Phaedra orders Kenya to stop chatting up Apollo because they will never be her friend, Kenya acknowledges her and Phaedra will never be friends but tells her not to speak for her husband. Phaedra says she can speak for Apollo because they’re a team. Kenya tries to give Phaedra the impression that, when it comes to Kenya, the couple aren’t on the same page. And I’d have to say she’s absolutely right.

Kenya makes it clear she never tried to get with Apollo and any marital problems they might have don’t involve her. Porsha’s got Phaedra’s back, and she gets emotionally backhanded for her efforts. While Porsha tries to defend the sanctity of marriage, Kenya tells her she was nothing but a beard. Kenya gets as rowdy as a wet cat whenever one of the ladies throws her spinsterhood in her face.

Boys Will Act Like Girls

While Phaedra’s threatening to go slap-happy on Kenya, Gregg’s confronting Peter about his behavior towards NeNe at Kenya’s charity event. Gregg says if Peter comes up in NeNe’s face when he’s present, there’s going to be a showdown. Gregg says that Peter disrespected both himself and NeNe, but he’s going to give him a pass for this one particular transgression. Go, Gregg, with your feisty self.

Peter clarifies that NeNe asked him what was wrong, which is true. She overheard Peter and demanded to know what the problem was. Peter admits that he was disappointed in NeNe’s behavior. Gregg says Peter should have come to him. What? NeNe can’t fight her own battles? She’s the one calling Peter “Patricia” because he’s been getting into the girls’ business and now her husband is doing the same thing.

Peter and Gregg start to puff out their chests and posture like two cocks in a hen house. Todd tries to intervene, but these guys are hot. Apollo advises Todd to step out of the way and let the chips fall where they may. Lawrence isn’t about to risk smudging his lipstick to break up a fight. My guess is this is the last time Lawrence will ever partake in any male bonding.

The girls finally realize it’s time for the dead to lie down and head off to find the men. They find themselves trying to sort out all this boy drama. NeNe says friend or no friend, when you step out of line you deserve a little check too. NeNe tells Peter he’s the only boyfriend/husband who sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong. She advises him to roll with the fellas and let the women do their own thing.

Does this spell the end of NeNe and Gregg’s friendship with Peter and Cynthia? Will Cynthia stick up for her husband? And when will these people stop going on vacation together?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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