Dance Moms just doesn’t seem the same without Kelly! With her gone, Christi doesn’t know which way to turn. Holly doesn’t understand and Jill’s out for herself. We all know that Melissa will go with Abby. And it looks like Kelly is back, but I doubt it is for good. Dance Moms is nothing but drama!

Abby and Mackenzie Do LA

Abby is in LA with Mackenzie to help with the recording. While Abby is in her element, bossing everyone, Mackenzie looks like a nervous miniature Maddie. After Abby gives her instructions, Mackenzie seems to have a bit more energy.

Abby Lands in Pittsburgh with a Bang

In Pittsburgh, everyone is in the rehearsal studio but Maddie who is working in LA. Abby is looking for the new Maddie, but it won’t be Nia, Kendall or Kalani who are on the very bottom of the pyramid. Kalani is there because she must be able to do a duet with anyone. Chloe’s facial expressions place her with Mackenzie on row two. Mackenzie beat Chloe because of the candy box she carried in the routine? Maddie is at the top and not there?

This week, they travel to Masters of Dance Arts in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The group routine is “The Bite” and Abby wants this to be their eighth win. Mackenzie will be doing an acrobat called “Red.” Kalani will perform “Swan Solstice.” Chloe will be doing “Into Me.” Since Maddie isn’t at the studio, the others will improvise for the dance lead. It comes down to Kendall and Chloe with Kendall winning hands-down. Later, the moms remark that when Maddie returns, it looks like Kalani and Maddie have the lead as both get to dance with the prop.

The solos start and Chloe is up first. Abby wants her to look inside herself and really dance like she can and be like Maddie. As Christi watches, she feels that Abby will never put Maddie up against anyone who will beat her. Kelly calls Christi and wants to catch up. Kira wants to tag along to make sure that Kelly isn’t returning. Later, MacKenzie gets criticized for not performing up to the pop star image.

At lunch, we learn that Kelly doesn’t miss the studio or the stress. As the moms talk, Melissa finds being with Kelly awkward. Kelly tells them that the girls are not missing dance. Holly thinks that it is clear that lines are drawn and she doesn’t think Kelly will return. Jill asks about the charges, but Kelly can’t discuss them. She is upset because only Christi and Holly have talked to her since New York. Kelly also tells us that there is more going on than Abby calling the cops.

During “The Bite” rehearsal, Abby isn’t happy that the dance isn’t “dark” enough. Jill states that Abby again isn’t standing by her word. Abby puts stress on the girls by reminding them that they’ve won seven times in a row. Abby then proceeds to put stress on Kalani and Chloe to become the go-to girl when Maddie is out. Kira sees this as a test for Kalani and she takes a jab at Melissa, wondering if Kalani will go against Maddie. This upsets Melissa.

Abby starts talking to the moms about going to lunch with Kelly. Abby’s mom has told her about the lunch. She reads the moms the riot act about associating with the enemy and not to discuss studio business outside the studio (yet we see it every week). While Abby can’t control who they lunch with, she will take the kids off the team if she disagrees.

On the bus, Abby tells the girls to act like professional dancers. She then jumps on Christi about dinging someone’s car in the parking lot. When Christi reminds Abby that she did a good job of getting rid of Kelly, Abby smiles and reminds them that no one is safe.

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A New War Zone: Fort Wayne

As Mackenzie warms up in the dressing room, she is reminded to perform like Asia. (Abby, the girls have two different styles.) Her attitude toward Mackenzie upsets Melissa. As they wait, Abby discusses the lunch with Kelly and tells everyone they are either 100% dedicated to her or are Kelly’s friend. She demands that they stay away from Kelly. (What, Abby? Friendship isn’t important?) Abby gives Kalani and Chloe speeches to go after the win.

Chloe performs “Into Me” and does a beautiful job. I don’t see any mistakes. Kalani performs “Swan Solstice” after getting encouragement from Maddie, and it is clean but the turns seem incomplete. Abby is excited about Kalania’s routine. MacKenzie’s performance is good until she loses her hair piece which is a big no-no with Abby.

In the dressing room, Mackenzie is already upset. When Abby enters, Kalani gets a great while Chloe gets a good. Mackenzie gets yelled at about being unprofessional. Jill asks about the group dance competition and Kendall’s special part. Abby tells Jill that the special part was dance captain. When the moms stand with Jill, Abby tells Jill to be on time and that Kendall needs to step up and demand a special part. Abby wants the girls to fight for parts.

As the girls perform “The Bite,” Abby is happy. I will admit that the dance looks rushed at a few points. It ends with Maddie giving Kalani the apple who bites it. (And if Maddie is trying to channel Regina from Once Upon a Time, she misses the mark.)

At awards, Mackenzie places first (even after losing the hairpiece). First and second place are close with Chloe winning second and Kalani winning first. Kira tells us that Kalani’s skills are much higher than Chloe. The group wins first in junior dance and Abby is happy.

In the dressing room, Abby has the check. Kira asks about Kalani and Maddie going head to head, but Abby refuses. Abby wants a girl who will always win first and not to take Maddie on. The girls enter the dressing room to congratulations. Chloe gets a very good, but Abby tells her she needs to take more lessons at the studio. When Christi tells Abby that Chloe does, Abby calls Christi Satan.

Next week, Kira and Abby go to court about Kelly, and Abby has harsh words for Christi. And Abby gets in Christi’s face and Christi blows air in Abby’s. 

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