This season of Dance Moms will end soon, with Nationals just a few weeks away. Abby will be ramping up her planning for first and scheming, and the poor girls will be competing for a solo. I always hate the competitions where Abby pits the girls against each other, but I know it is coming. Abby does it every year.

Pyramid Time

In Pittsburgh, Abby has two teams waiting in the studio. She’s questioning which team to take: the elite or select team. Abby tells everyone that she has taken out the trash (Christy). Loree is back with Jade and we now have a new rivalry — Loree versus the moms on the new team.

MacKenzie, Chloe and Nia are on the bottom. The second row has Jade and Kendall. That means Maddie is back because of her superb developing acting abilities.

The Routines and Practice

This week, they are traveling to Believe in Washington, DC. Ava will perform “Drizzle” against Maddie, who will be dancing to a Rachel Shade song called “Happiness.” Maddie is now serving as inspiration as Rachel was inspired by Maddie to write this song. Christi knows that it is designed for Maddie to win. The group routines have Jade with the original team. This means that Chloe must dance with the new team, who will be doing an elegant piece called “First Lady.” The original team will be doing “America Gone.” Again, it’s elegant versus acrobatic in the performance.

The new moms are upstairs and Christi looks worried. While the others brag about their daughter, Christi thinks that this routine is rigged to lose. The reason: Abby put Chloe in it.

Well, it’s like old times as the new moms and old moms seem to go on the attack. Luckily, it’s outside the studio, but why are the new moms in dark or black outfits? It’s a sharp contrast to the bright colors worn by the old moms. Are the new moms the new villains?

Both teams are working hard on their numbers. Abby is again sending a message through the old team that they may not have the work ethic from four years ago. Say what? When Rachel Shade arrives, she and Abby beam at Maddie. Rachel calls her a musicality genius and spontaneous. Of course, the other girls are the audience. Great way to build their confidence, Abby. And no, this isn’t the “Happiness” we’re hearing on the radio. Meanwhile, Ava will be using a prop (an umbrella) in her number.

Loree has asked the new moms to lunch, but they aren’t fooled. They’re not buying the “friends” angle. Loree takes Melissa and Jill as backup and the two sets of moms just cannot agree. Of course, we now have Jeanette, who is just as ambitious as Melissa. This fight could get good as the two daughters battle in the solo contest.

Abby tells us that the two group routines are similar in technical difficulty, but I question how a (new) lyrical number can go agasint an (old) acrobatic number and be compared. Abby’s always got a plan and she’ll use the performance to help her decide Nationals.

Washington and the Competition

Abby and the girls arrive to cheering crowds. Christi tells us we have four weeks to Nationals. We know what that means. Abby gets tough. In the dressing room, Jade is to focus on her performance while Jeanette is being outspoken about Ava. I think I see who the new Kelly is, folks! It’s Jeanette.

The solos are first with Maddie’s “Happiness” number. It’s beautiful but what she always does. Ava’s mom, Jeanette, has gotten a different umbrella, which upsets Abby. As Ava dances, she has an umbrella mishap, which upsets Abby. We all know Abby doesn’t like props that go wrong.

Christi encourages Jeanette to support Ava, but Jill warns that Jeanette will earn the wrath of Abby. Jeanette starts as soon as Abby arrives, defending her daughter. When the girls enter, Ava is crying and sits on her mother’s lap, which is strike two. We all know that tears are for your pillow. Abby lectures Ava on her professionalism.

The new team is up first with “First Ladies” and it has ballet in the technique. There are a few mishaps, but Chloe is a good leader. The old team is up next and Melissa is worried. The routine is what I call modern, but Abby calls it acrobatic. The dance doesn’t really seem to fit the music, but it’s nice.


Awards are presented. Ava wins third and Jeanette questions the reason. Maddie earns the championship and first place. In the group awards, the first and second place are separated by one-tenth of a point. The old team gets second, and first goes to the new team with Chloe.

In the dressing room, Abby tells the moms she thought the original team would win. Christi says it was to be expected. The girls enter and Abby appears happy, but now we get criticism. Ava gets told it doesn’t look good. Tea and Tami are to show up at the studio Monday, but she’s the only one from the new team to be asked to come for rehearsals. Jeanette is done with Abby and they leave.

Next Week

Abby plots for the National Team. Nia gets threatened with being stripped of a team. And Abby’s not happy with any of the girls. 


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