If you thought you’d have to wait until around this time next year to  long running Lost mysteries like  what the numbers really mean, why the DHARMA Initiative was founded and where Libby really came from you were wrong. If you expected to be thrown out of your seat next spring by the discovery that Lost has an open-ended, smash-cut-to-black ending that resolves nothing – or, more shocking still, an ending that resolves everything – you don’t need to be so surprised.

Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof attended the Comics on Comics event at Meltdown on Sunset earlier this week and apparently he was in the mood to share with the class, revealing, among other things, whether the series finale will be open or closed-ended. It’s not as though he didn’t leave the vast majority of Lost’s key questions a secret. There’s still no known answer to whether or not the past can be changed, for example, or what will eventually become of the Oceanic 815 survivors. But the information he did share – whether the ending will be open or closed ended, what questions will never be resolved, what the DHARMA Initiative’s real purpose is, the origin and meaning of the numbers and the story of Libby – isn’t exactly dime store paperback trivia.

Spoilers are always a kind of metaphoric deal with the devil. I don’t care what any spoiler hound tells me. I think a fan reading spoilers is like someone with a daily calorie budget who eats half a chocolate cake for breakfast and has to live off of soda crackers for the rest of the day. Delving into surprises now means trading a short term pick me up for a less knee-knocking viewing experience come show time.

Creators have been known to sever entire projects because of leaks (as Twilight author Stephenie Meyer did when her fifth book surfaced online.) What’s always a puzzle is when the creators themselves are the ones publicly leaking the information, as Lindelof did. You always wonder, is it a trick? Wouldn’t they rather get ratings than pageviews?

We here at BuddyTV believe the question of whether to spoil or not spoil is an individual choice, and your liberty. For those who want to know click to the next page.


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