We’re one episode away from the finale of Cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model and it’s down to the fierce final four: Allison, Aminat, Celia, and Teyona. With a single elimination standing between the girls and the finale, it’s do or die time for the models, especially since Tyra Banks will be photographing them this week. As we’ve seen in previous cycle’s, a photo shoot with Tyra can make or break a girl in this competition. If Tyra loves photographing you: your stock is rising. If Tyra doesn’t enjoy photographing you: watch out. For her Cycle 12 photo shoot Tyra is stepping out of her comfort zone of black and white beauty shots to photograph the girls as the colorful exotic birds of Brazil. The avian theme of the photo shoot certainly has us asking: who will soar above the competition and who will come crashing to the ground?

Watch with me tonight as we discover together who will be in next week’s big finale. After the show, be sure to log on to Twitter and tweet me some questions for my interview tomorrow morning with whoever is eliminated tonight.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Episode 12 Live Thoughts

It’s Top Model time! I can’t believe we’re one episode away from this Cycle, it zoomed by didn’t it? Are you shocked by this cycle’s final four? I got two of the final four correct in my pre-cycle predictions, but that didn’t include who has become the cycle’s obvious front-runner: Teyona.

Teyona is feeling great about her picture being first. She feels she’s getting better and better. She also says she’s the one people need to watch out for. Talk like this usually spells doom for a contestant, but I’d be beyond shocked if Teyona was eliminated tonight.

Aminat is not excited that Celia is here for another week. While, Allison is glad that her bestie stuck around. Turns out it’s going to be the battle of the besties, with Allison & Celia vs. Teyona & Aminat. Choose your sides now America!

The girls get a nonsensical Tyra mail that says “chickiechikcietoomb, chickiechickietoomb” over and over again. Obviously the girls have no clue what that means, but it turns out it’s all about the samba.

The girls are greeted at a samba hall by Paulina, who tells the girls the similarities between samba and modeling. Basically they both involve using your body. Really that was the gist of the similarities so deep Paulina, so deep. Aminat is excited about learning the samba, but Allison, not so much. Teyona is also confused about the samba, apparently she has a hard time spinning…thank god the swirl a whirl twins weren’t doing a teach this cycle.

Paulina tests the girls to see if they keep model faces while dancing. Celia’s up first, Paulina says she looks like royalty, but then says she over works it and wants to win too much. Then Paulina talks about how old Celia is and how she’s ancient for the industry, so people can smell her desperation.

Aminat is dancing next and she’s a natural dancer. Paulina says she’s a girl to contend with on this one. Maybe Aminat will make the final three?

Allison is next, and no surprise, she’s not a samba dancer. Paulina says it looked bleak for Allison, who makes nervous mouse faces throughout the dance.

Teyona cannot dance. Sorry, it’s just that simple. Teyona has two left feet and Paulina is shocked and disappointed by Teyona’s lack of grace. Oooh, is the judges pet crumbling?

Paulina tells the girls to practice their steps tonight, which means they are definitely dancing the samba again very soon.

Back at the house, Celia is worried about Paulina’s age comment. She says she needs to emote 17 instead of 25 in her photos. We think Celia needs to just relax and own her fierceness. It’s a cheesy Tyra statement, but it’s true. Celia is an editorial goddess with angles that aren’t for everybody, but someone will love them. They’re talking an awful lot to Teyona and Celia this week, could this be a precursor to tonight’s bottom two?

Tyra Mail time: whatever you do, don’t look down.

Everyone is practicing their samba, because they know a challenge is coming and fast.

Damn! The girls walk up to a roof and Paulina is showing some serious samba moves. Maybe it was Dancing With the Stars loss for kicking off Paulina so early. Paulina tells the girls that they’ll be dancing the samba and for every time the girls look at their feet, points are deducted. The winner of the samba challenge can choose a friend to share $7,000 worth of jewelery. Obviously, the girls are very very excited about this.

Allison is up first, and she’s worried about faking it with confidence. Whoops, Allison fail. She keeps looking down and she looks uber awkward and has little rhythm. Paulina says it “looks like her mechanism needed oiling.”

Ceila’s up next and she needs to relax, which she’s written on her wrist. Paulina is impressed with Celia’s presence and how she really went for it. Celia not only danced with grace, but looked like she was having fun. Maybe that note to relax helped.

Aminat is next and the samba is doing wonders for her. Aminat looks seriously gorgeous.  Paulina says she does the roguish thing well, and that’s what the samba is about. Celia says, watching Aminat, she realizes this is Aminat’s challenge to win.

Teyona is last and she may actually be more awkward than Allison. Aminat is shocked by Teyona’s poor performance…and we kind of are too. Are we starting to see the chinks in Teyona’s armour?

And the winner of the samba challenge is: Celia. Holy cow. Aminat looks like she may cut a bitch after loosing and Celia screams in shock and joy. Obviously Celia picks Allison to share in the win of jewels. It is on between Team Allison/Celia v. Team Aminat/Teyona. Wow, I’m kind of shocked that Celia won over Aminat, but I am impressed. This girl is really proving she is model material, no matter she’s old or not.

Tyra Mail: at some time a Mama Bird needs to push the baby bird out of the nest.

We know what this means: Tyra is photographing the girls as birds. The girls of course, have no clue.

Aminat is upset about never winning a challenge, she’s tired of being 2nd runner up all the time. Oooh, interesting quote to pick out ANTM editors. Could this be a foreshadowing of Aminat being in the bottom two and being sent home or could it be a bigger shocker? Aminat being in the final two and winning when it counts?

It’s an early morning wake up call from the resident ANTM make-up artists, including the fabulous Sutan. More Sutan ANTM editors! Seriously. If Miss and Mister Jay can raise through the ranks to become full on ANTM personalities, Sutan should be able to too.

The girls hair is teased sky high before they are taken on a bus deep into the Brazilian jungle. There’s an obstruction on the road, which there is no way it’s not a set up. Oh low budget Tyra antics!! The obstruction on the road is a broke down jeep, that’s smoking. With Tyra emerging from the smoke. Why does the cheesiness come with Tyra? Tyra is the queen of camp, and not in an endearing way.

Tyra is chatting up the girls on the way to the set. Aminat is nervous about shooting with Tyra, but Teyona isn’t. Uh-oh Teyona is speaking some deadly deadly words. “I’ve gotten three best picture call outs, there’s no way I am all of a sudden going to just hit rock bottom.”

The girls are being dressed up as birds and no shock here, Allison looks amazing. She is birdlike anyways and definitely editorial, so this shoot could be right up Allison’s alley. Tyra tells Allison that she’s a “birdie/owl/pterodactyl.” Wow, Tyra is bringing the crazy tonight. Tyra makes Allison pose in a life-sized nest. Allison brings it too fast and furious at first, but she is posing well. Tyra says a lot of “love its,” which has to be a good thing. Mister Jay says that Allison was the least nervous she’s been all season. Uh oh Allison has diarrhea of the mouth and can’t help but tell Tyra how pretty she is when hugging her after the shoot. For someone who is obsessed with herself, Tyra sure pretends to hate compliments.

Aminat is up next in the nest. Aminat looks stunning too. Tyra was impressed with her body movements, but she doesn’t like how the light hits Aminat’s face. She’s calling for Aminat to bring tension to her face, which has been Tyra’s complaint about Aminat all cycle. Mister Jay says Aminat needs to learn how to wiggle her ears, which seems strange, but he says that helps create tension. Aminat feels good about her photo shoot, so hopefully she gets a great shot, she certainly needs one.

Celia is modeling next and she’s hoping to be less stern on this photo shoot. She starts right to the posing, but Tyra wants more angles from Celia. Tyra said she wasn’t super excited to shoot Celia to begin with, but she became excited as the shoot went along. Tyra tells Celia that she was fantastic during the photo shoot. Celia thanks Tyra for putting her at ease and gets a bit misty eyed. She feels great about her photo shoot and says it’s the best she’s felt all cycle. Deadly words Celia, deadly words.

Last but not least is Teyona, who seems to be bringing zero energy to the shoot. Teyona says she just focuses, and she’s very confident in herself. It seems like things aren’t going great during Teyona’s shoot, but Tyra says it wasn’t a disaster. Tyra says Teyona knows how to disconnect from her body, while still staying present. Hmmm….did Teyona bring it or not? We’ll have to wait till we see the picture to know for sure, but I’m a bit underwhelmed.

It’s Tyra Mail time, we know what that means: “Only three of you will continue on to being America’s Next Top Model.”

Everyone is prepping for panel and everyone, save Teyona, is nervous. When creating the most likely final three Teyona knows it’s her and Allison, but she’s not sure about who would occupy the third spot. That’s much like the rest of America Teyona, so good job. On the other hand, usually when a girl is as confident as Teyona is going in to panel, she’s about to be punished, not rewarded. It certainly seems like the editors could be setting us up for a shocking Teyona elimination.

It’s Panel Time:

Everyone is in adorable sundresses for elimination. Tyra tells the girls she hopes they are good luck dresses. Miss J’s bow is bigger than her head and  I am hopeful that next week it will obscure her/his entire face.

It’s photo critique time and  Allison is up first. The judges are crazy for Allison’s photo, they actually hoot and holler for it.  Tyra tells Allison she got this amazing shot in six frames. Tyra says she was very impressed with Allison’s performance. Miss J likes Allison’s shot so much he coos like an owl, someone definitely slipped the judges the crazy juice tonight. More importantly, with this photo Allison is definitely making it to the final three.

Next is Teyona, who walks up with all the confidence in the world. Paulina loves Teyona’s picture, but Nigel isn’t as impressed. This isn’t good, Nigel is Teyona’s biggest supporter. Wow a full on back-and-forth debate is breaking out over Teyona. Seems like it’s a split court on Teyona’s performance. Tyra says Teyona got a good shot, but not her best shot.

Now it’s Celia’s turn and Tyra makes a big deal about her being the challenge winner. Paulina is singing Celia’s praises, for the first  time all cycle. Nigel is in love with Celia’s photo, and he shouts out her armpit? Really. Tyra says that Celia was a pleasure to shoot and she saw a fresh girl with strong bones.

Last in Aminat, who looks exquisite in her photo. Paulina is the only judge who doesn’t like Aminat’s photo. Tyra says that Aminat shocked her, because she’s been so weak from week-to-week, but she was really pleasantly surprised by her performance.

Wow, so Teyona definitely has the weakest photo of the week. Could it be? Could the judges be sending their pet home without winning the prize? It would certainly be a shocker, but on the other hand, Teyona has never struck me as a CoverGirl or a Seventeen model.

Who do you think is going to be in the bottom two this week? I think it may be Aminat and Teyona, pitting the two friends against each other and having Aminat finally not coming in second place. Bittersweet to say the least.

It’s deliberation time:

Allison is up first and the judges are in love with her photo and her “eternal youth” feel.

The judges think that Teyona has become complacent in her photos. Tyra says she lacked the magic and spark she was hoping for during her shoot.

Next is Celia and the judges are talking about her sense of style, instead of her photos. Paulina says her mouth is awkward, Miss J thinks she looks old. Tyra is all about Celia though, especially her pose. But Miss Seventeen magazine thinks she looks old. Paulina says she wants Celia to be her stylist, not a Top Model.

Last is Aminat. Miss Seventeen says that Aminat has the body. While Tyra says that Aminat’s drive is what is most attractive.

So Aminat’s drive is attractive and Celia’s is desperate? Makes no sense!

It’s time for the finalists to be called.

And the best picture of the week goes to:


Just like we said, this photo shoot suited her to a tee. Tyra tells Allison she’s pretty in a geeky way and Allison blushes adorably.

The next girl called is Teyona. Ah, so the judges won’t send their pet home. Teyona breaks down and bawls when she gets her photo. She was convinced she was going to end up in the bottom two, and we were right there with you on that one Teyona.

So the bottom two is Aminat and Celia. Interesting, who’s it going to be? Celia looks confident, and Aminat looks defeated. Hopefully those emotions aren’t misguided. I’m rooting for Celia, but Aminat does look like a Seventeen cover girl…and Celia, doesn’t.

Tyra says that the mathematics of Aminat’s face don’t work in photos.
Tyra tells Celia that her face is too mature for the modeling industry.
Then she coos: Fashion is obsessed with youth. Fashion is obsessed with light.

So who stays?


So it’s sweet stylish Celia who is being sent home this week. I have to admit, that I am kind of shocked. Remember, if you have any questions for Celia, please tweet them to me.

Tyra tells Celia that she loved shooting her and that she has a future in fashion, but maybe just not as a model.

Allison looks crestfallen that her besties is going home and starts to cry. So the victorious team tonight is Team Aminat/Teyona.

So there’s your final three America: Allison, Aminat, and Teyona.

Did the judges get it right or wrong tonight?

–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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