Finally, another reality dating show from VH1 has ended.  Daisy of Love was packed with crazy stunts and hormonal guys who like wearing makeup, and that’s now over.  While it’s boo-hoo for the fans, Daisy de la Hoya is certainly happy.  Choosing from among the final three guys – 12 Pack, London and Flex, she found the person she really had a connection with.

VH1 talked to Joshua Lee, aka London, the winner of Daisy of Love.  The rockstar certainly became Daisy de la Hoya’s own, as the couple continue their relationship with one another.

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“It didn’t feel like a game to me,” London said of the show.  Despite the nature of the series, there was definitely something going on behind the scenes that gave rise to his emotions.

“You’re not going to see each other for this period of time,” he explained.  “That creates issues and stuff.  Some personal issues and stuff that we’re working on.  I can tell you right now that we still have the same connection.”

Leaving and returning to the competition made him realize that it was Daisy’s feelings that were at stake, and he immediately jumped at the chance to go back when it was offered.  At the time, the star of Daisy of Love actually “smuggled a note” to him on his way to the airport.  She told him she wanted to stay in touch, even as friends.

“She gave me her number,” London revealed.  “If I had known this before, I wouldn’t have left!”

He did his best to redeem himself when Riki called him back, but many believed the twist to be a mere publicity stunt.  “It wasn’t like VH1 was creating drama or anything,” he stated.  He pointed out that there was something between him and Daisy that just blossomed.

“She’s a great girl, she’s really cool.  People don’t give her credit, they don’t realize how smart and deep she is.”  Perhaps London just knows the girl on a level we’ll never be able to reach.

“She’s one of the coolest, most down chicks I’ve ever met in my life,” he said of Daisy.  They’ve been sending text messages to one another here and there, but both are busy with their careers.  Lately, she’s been touring and London has been working with his band, The Party Death.

“We just recorded our debut EP, which is really cool.  Funded by fan donations and stuff,” he admitted.  “After all this, I’d like to be known as Joshua Lee.  Not London.”

Even though he and Daisy are focusing on their own lives for now, they’re going to try their best at making things work between them.  “You never know,” he said.  “I don’t wanna jinx it or anything.”

“I just try to live things day by day, enjoy my time with the person,” he replied when asked if he thought the relationship would succeed.  “It might, it really might.  There’s a very strong connection between us.”

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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