In yet another sign that the CW is finally getting its act together, EW’s Michael Ausiello has confirmed that One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected will have a special crossover episode this fall. On the October 12 Life Unexpected Tree Hill musicians Haley and Mia will stop by Portland to perform at a concert for Cate’s radio station.

The move helps to fuse the two shows which both move to Tuesday this fall. One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected are the network’s two mature, young adult dramas, but with an earnestness and emotional core.

The crossover will also help transfer fans of an existing show to a newer one. The story can start on One Tree Hill at 8pm and hopefully keep fans around to see Haley and Mia on Life Unexpected at 9pm. After pairing both shows with Gossip Girl, a show too young and brash to be a good fit, it’s obvious that the CW understands the audiences for both its new Tuesday night shows.

Hopefully, if this works, it can spawn a slew of CW crossovers. Sam and Dean Winchester could go to Mystic Falls to hunt vampires. Blair Waldorf could crash a Brooke Davis fashion show. Wealthy CEO Oliver Queen from Smallville could be the keynote speaker at the 90210 graduation. The possibilities are endless.

Source: EW
(Image courtesy of the CW)

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