Susie Essman, best known for her role as Susie Greene, wife of Larry David’s manager on the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm, has finally wed real-estate broker Jim Harder, her boyfriend of five years.  According to The New York Times, the wedding took place on Saturday at the Friars Club in Manhattan. The ceremony was officiated by Tom Fontana, a writer and producer whose credits include HBO’s Oz and who is also a minister of the American Fellowship Church.

The couple first met in New York during Thanksgiving weekend of 2003.  Harder was visiting his brother Michael, an interior decorator who is a friend of the Curb star.  Despite their connection, Mike never bothered to introduce Essman and Harder since he didn’t think that they would hit it off.  Aside from the fact that Harder lived 150 miles from New York, he was also divorced with four kids.  That weekend, however, Harder joined his brother and Essman on a shopping spree and Essman saw something in Harder that she had not found in Hollywood.

“He was a person who was warm and loving and real,” Essman told The New York Times.

“He didn’t know who I was or that I was on this hit show,” added Essman, who plays the foul-mouthed husband-bashing character on Curb Your Enthusiasm.  “He didn’t even have HBO, or cable for that matter, and maybe that was a good thing because if he had ever seen me play Susie Greene, he probably would have run for the hills.”

Of course, Harder also found something special in Essman.

“I just kept noticing her,” Harder said.  “People had told me that she was the funniest person they had ever met, but when I met her, there was a loving and warm side of her that came across almost instantly.”

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The New York Times
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Kris De Leon

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