How I Met Your Mother, get back here.  The return of a favorite comedy is like an old friend finally moving back to the city.  You missed them, but when they get home you pick up right where you left off and it all just feels right.  The How I Met Your Mother characters are the kind you end up missing after an extended hiatus.  Now, only a week and a half away from the fourth season premiere of How I Met Your Mother, all us fans can start preparing for our old pals to rejoin us on the ol’ television set.  Season 4 wasn’t a certainty, How I Met Your Mother supposedly on the verge of cancellation last year.  But, the gang is back, and we’ve got some spoilers for all you spoiler lovers regarding the fourth season.


How I Met Your Mother’s fourth season will likely revolve around three plot lines:

1) Ted and Stella
2) Barney and Robin’s ongoing relationship
3) Marshall and Lilly’s financial woes

We don’t have any spoilery goodness regarding the final two story lines, but we do have a lot of good stuff about Ted and Stella.  In case you forgot, season three ended with Ted proposing to Stella.  While I was of the opinion that Stella would say no, this is apparently not the case.  Though nothing has been confirmed about the proposal, this is what we know:

A wedding scene was filmed for How I Met Your Mother early in the season.  The wedding was supposed to be for Stella’s sister, which Ted and Stella attend together (lending credence to the assumption that Stella does indeed say yes to the proposal).  Stella’s sisters wedding goes to shambles, the groom possibly vacating the premises before the ceremony goes down.  When that happens, the word is that Stella, in a very spontaneous move, decides to take advantage of the situation, and maybe get Ted and her to tie the knot at what was supposed to be Stella’s sister’s wedding.

Whether they go through with it or not is still unclear.  Stella could still, in fact, be the mother.

In other season 4 news, Regis Philbin will guest star as himself in an episode where the gang searches for the best cheeseburger in the city. 

How I Met Your Mother’s fourth season will premiere Monday, September 22 on CBS.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: EW, TVGuide
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Oscar Dahl

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