A woman’s mysterious death leads the team into the world of vampirism on the February 3 episode of CSI: NY.

#9 “Sanguine Love”

A dead woman in the middle of Central Park on a snowy day? It is tragic, but oddly it looks a little too good.

#8 “Sanguine Love”

On this episode of CSI: NY, the team investigates just that – the death of a woman in the middle of, well, Central Park. Hawkes (Hill Harper), Mac (Gary Sinise) and Flack (Eddie Cahill) on the steady.

#7 “Sanguine Love”

Now, the woman’s missing a part of her ear. Ouch. Ripped earring or something? It can’t take off that huge a chunk.

#6 “Sanguine Love”

Drained of blood? Wait a minute. Is this some rogue vampire from Bon Temps?

#5 “Sanguine Love”

Not really, but the team will take the team into the subculture of vampirism, which I think is being a Twi-hard exaggerated.

#4 “Sanguine Love”

Back at NYPD HQ, Mac’s got someone in mind…

#3 “Sanguine Love”

…some bald guy to talk to.

#2 “Sanguine Love”

And another guy – the victim’s boyfriend (guest star Michael Graziadei), surely shocked at what he’s seeing.

#1 “Sanguine Love”

The Young and the Restless’ Michael Graziadei and General Hospital’s Fonila Hughes guest star on this episode of CSI: NY, airing February 3 from 10pm on CBS. Oh, and did I tell you Carmine Giovinazzo wrote this episode?

Henrik Batallones

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