It’s common knowledge, somehow: if there’s one CSI show that you rely on for the more extreme action scenes, it’s CSI: Miami. We’ve had a bit less of that this season, though–the one thing we have close to it is actually on CSI: NY, with the motorcycles–but tonight, well, I think we’ll get it.

Hello, explosions.

Really. An explosion. Not that it’s the be-all of tonight’s CSI: Miami, but there is still one. And a high-speed car chase, too, which conjures images of those police chases I saw on TV as a kid. All this, because the team is investigating the death of a census worker, and the leads will probably send them across the district in cars and noisy sirens and television cameras.

And calls for back-up, too. The lives of two CSIs will be put in jeopardy, although I don’t see anything major, really. Maybe this is another one of those distractions–maybe after the chase it’s a much sinister plan, or worse, it’s science? No, wait, I love science. CSI: Miami returns tonight from 10pm on CBS. The photos are, as always, right below.

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV