“I think my romance is in jeopardy.  I think we were in some poor contract negotiations.”

Emily Procter there, talking to E! News about the prospects of her CSI: Miami co-star and on-screen boyfriend Adam Rodriguez.  If she’s to be believed, it looks like Delko’s getting a downgrade, from a regular cast member to a recurring cast member–but, to be honest, I’m not really surprised.

To be fair, though, this isn’t confirmed yet.  CBS hasn’t spoken up on Rodriguez’s status on the show, which begins its eighth season on September 21.  Sources, however, tell E! Online that he’ll be back for “a limited engagement” and they’re not sure “in what form Delko will appear.”

Hrmmm.  I will drop the spoiler that I’ve been dropping so frequently that it doesn’t seem like a spoiler anymore: Delko got shot, I think in the head, and is in a coma.  That’s why we’re kicking off the new season with a flashback, complete with a Tripp full of hair and a returning Alexx.

I initially thought we’ll spend part of the season looking for Delko–that’s how the last season’s finale seemed to point at anyway–so it was a given, at least to my blood-stained mind, that he won’t be returning full-time for the show.  But we’ll have it easy: they’ll find him quickly and get him to a hospital in time.

The question is the “what form” bit we’ve just heard.  Don’t tell me he’ll be doing what Speedle did to him before–and actually be an apparition to Calleigh?  Well, given what CSI: Miami can do, it won’t be much of a surprise.

Will they actually kill Delko off?  Will they keep him in a coma and make him appear in flashbacks, or worse (depends), those apparitions?  Questions, questions.  But it does suck a bit seeing the Delko-Calleigh story not get the push that we want… at least not as much as we imagined would happen.

And then there’s the question of who actually shot Delko in the head.

– Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: E! Online
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