In just a few days, viewers will have to say farewell to CSI‘s Sara Sidle.  After seven years of portraying the Las Vegas forensic scientist and one of the core players of the show, Jorja Fox has ultimately decided to move on and have a break from the commitment of a weekly television series.  But before she leaves, she’ll be playing Sara one last time in the episode fittingly called “Goodbye and Good Luck,” which airs on Thursday, November 15.

In line with her controversial departure, Fox spoke to the official CSI Magazine about her character’s exit.  She explained that she opted to have Sara leave in this manner, rather than have her die at the hands of the miniature serial killer in “Dead Doll.”

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meganv said: i watched the show because of her, so i’ll be watching a different show thursday nights at 9.

“I did not want Sara to die,” she said.  “I did not want that to be the way she went out. I have played characters that have died before so I am not afraid of that. It can actually make really good drama and it certainly happens in real life where people we know and love die.  But I just didn’t want that to be the end for Sara,” Fox explained.

Fox, who is also credited for her work on ER and The West Wing, joined CSI in 2000 and was known as materials and element analyst, and eventually the love interest of Gil Grissom (William Petersen). In 2004, she got caught up in a controversy when she was reportedly fired from the forensic drama for allegedly failing to submit a letter to CBS for confirming that she would be on time for shooting.  The dispute was resolved in just over a week and Fox was rehired by the network.  Earlier this year, the news about her possible departure on the show emerged and despite fans’ efforts to keep her on the program, Fox decided that season 8 will be her last.

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