She may be gone but it has been hard for fans of Teen Wolf to forget Allison Argent. Scott McCall’s first love left a big hole in the series when she was killed off in the penultimate episode of season 3. Since that time, fans have been clamoring to see what actress Crystal Reed will do next. It turns out she is going back to Teen Wolf! Only this time she isn’t playing Allison Argent.

As far as we know Allison Argent is still dead. According to Buzzfeed, Crystal Reed’s journey on MTV’s Teen Wolf isn’t entirely over. Reed will show up in the February 23 episode of Teen Wolf season 5 entitled “The Maid of Gevaudan”. She will not be playing Allison but a different Argent altogether, or at the least the ancestor of the Argent family. In an episode consisting mostly of flashbacks, Crystal Reed will be playing Marie-Jeanne Valet, Allison’s foremother. As you can imagine, if you remember anything about the backstory of the Argent family on Teen Wolf, the episode will take place primarily in France during the 1700s. 

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Crystal Reed was very open in interviews when Allison was killed off about her reasons for leaving. Reed was clear in expressing that she was sad to leave the show and the friends she had made but felt it was time to move on from the series. When Jeff Davis approached her about this role she jumped on it. The reasoning, besides returning to her Teen Wolf, she has been dying to do a period piece. 

It may not just be a one-off either. The door is open for future appearances by Crystal Reed as this new character. Both Crystal Reed and Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis have expressed interest in doing a spin-off exploring the origins of the Argent family and Marie-Jeanne Valet. Though Davis was quick to clarify that the audience and network would have to be on board as well to make it a reality.

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But what do you think? Are you excited to see more Crystal Reed on Teen Wolf? Are you disappointed she’s not playing Allison? Do you there is any real chance of a spin-off? Would you watch it? Or is this just setting the stage for Allison to really return in present-day?

Teen Wolf season 5 airs Mondays at 9pm on MTV.

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