If Teen Wolf fans were hoping that “The Last Chimera” would answer their lingering questions left by the summer finale of season 5, they were mistaken. The winter premiere of season 5 was Teen Wolf at its most strange, weird and confusing. At least it was a very fun type of confusion as opposed to “Status Asthmaticus” which was trying so hard to be crazy it actually ended up being boring. Here are the 10 most bizarre moments from “The Last Chimera”.

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Lydia’s Nightmare Doctor Appointments with Valack

5A opened with Lydia at Eichen House. She was more powerful than ever but also very different from the last time we saw her. 5B explained how she got there. It was a result of her attack from Theo in “Status Asthmaticus”. We even learned, through Lydia’s visions in Eichen House, why Theo let his sister die. Everything else with Lydia was wonderfully weird and bizarre. How does drilling a hole in Lydia’s head enhance her powers? Why is Lydia still so out of it? How much time has passed? Perhaps most importantly though, why is Dr. Valack such a creep? 

Parrish’s Sexy(?) Shower Visions 

Teen Wolf is no stranger to objectifying the male body. I’m fairly certain Derek Hale’s prime purpose on the show was to have his shirt off as much as possible. Yet the lingering looks are rarely so lingering as they were in Parrish’s shower scene from “The Last Chimera”. The Deputy Sheriff lovingly rubbed his own hands up and down his body. Then it almost turned into a full-on sex scene when Lydia showed up in the shower with him. Some might call all of it sexy, no one can deny that Holland Roden and Ryan Kelley are attractive people. Yet it wasn’t really Lydia but a ghostly apparition (whose skin was peeling). Even if it was Lydia, she is still only 17 years old! A deputy sheriff should know the meaning of statutory rape. 

Stiles’ Unconscious Visions 

Stiles was incapacitated an alarming amount of times in “The Last Chimera”. I’m sure he should already have serious brain damage from all the occasions he has been knocked out throughout the seasons. There was still a lot of unconscious Stiles in the season 5 winter premiere. The thing that made these instances memorable (and peculiar) was Stiles dreaming about hearing and seeing his dead telling him to wake up. An alarming thing since Sheriff Stilinski was dying and fighting for his life in the hospital. It was eventually revealed that these dream-like visions were actually memories. Stiles’ own memories at his mother’s funeral but the visions were bizarre while they remained a mystery. 

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Scott’s Odd Fashion Choices

Stiles wasn’t the only one passing out in the Teen Wolf 5B premiere. Scott succumbed to his injuries and collapsed in the hallway of his house. It was understandable since he literally had a gaping chest wound. The thing that makes this weird though is Scott’s choice of shirt. When you are bleeding profusely from your side, maybe the whitest shirt you own isn’t the best thing to wear. Have some respect for your mother doing the laundry McCall! 

Sheriff’s Worsening Condition

While Sheriff Stilinski was saved from his initial injuries and attacks, things only got worse in recovery. Sheriff was dying from some kind of poison as the result of his chimera attack. No one could figure what exactly was poisoning him however. Much like Stiles’ dream visions, there was an eventual explanation for it. Sheriff had the bone of his berserker chimera attacker inside of him. While he was dying though, it was scary, nerve-racking and incredibly gross looking.

Theo Knowing What’s Coming

Stiles used himself as bait to talk to Theo. It was the only way to ensure that Stiles could get some information about what was killing his dad. During the conversation Theo told Stiles he knew what Parrish actually is and what is coming to Beacon Hills. While we share Theo’s knowledge of Parrish’s identity, we’re just as clueless as Stiles for what’s about to happen on the show this season. It is good moment to drum up interest but it didn’t really explain anything.

Mason’s Shock at Liam Ripping a Page Out of a Book

This was honestly pretty hilarious. Liam was determined to figure out what happened to his first love Hayden. As his best friend, Mason wasn’t going to leave Liam alone. This gave the two characters a nice contained subplot. The highlight was not that they found Hayden alive but something else entirely. Mason’s reaction to Liam defiling a library book by ripping out a page with a map was hysterical. Mason was so utterly shocked by the act. While hilarious it’s also a pretty bizarre reaction. Liam has done plenty of aggressive and borderline illegal things before but this is where Mason draws the line.

Hayden Willingly Working with Theo

There is so much we don’t know about Theo and his new gang of chimeras. He saved all of their lives, somehow, but is that the only reason they are indebted to him? Is it possible that Theo actually has some manner of mind control over them? Theo had Hayden try to help him find the Last Chimera. This scene gave no answer and only asked more questions. Hayden was confused but seemed to be acting of her own free will but it was left ambiguous.

The Dread Doctors Can Catch Bullets (Apparently)

I try to ignore the Dread Doctors as much as possible. They’re easily the weakest (in terms of quality) Teen Wolf villains ever. So I’m not sure if it’s ever been established before that the Dread Doctors can stop bullets in their tracks. It definitely was shown in “The Last Chimera”. Argent, after a long absence, showed up to save Scott’s behind once again by firing a shotgun at the Dread Doctors. All the bullets did was slow the Doctors down not really hurt them. It did give the heroes time to escape. Ultimately though the moment was just another example of Teen Wolf making the Dread Doctors ridiculously overpowered and cryptic. 

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Theo Wants a Hellhound

The Lydia and Parrish “relationship” is still ickier than it is compelling. There is a definite connection between the two though. So all things considered it was a smart plan on Theo’s part to try to kidnap Lydia from Eichen House to draw out Parish. We just have no real idea why Theo wants Parrish. Theo’s a power hungry little sociopath but I think you’d want to stay as far away as possible from the guy who can melt metal with his bare hands. 

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