This week on Bones, it’s all about family — There’s Brennan and Booth, who enlisted Brennan’s father’s help to babysit Christine without consulting her first. Christine has been suspended from day care, mainly due to Brennan’s craziness … er, her causing problems between other parents and the staff.

Then there’s the current case, where there’s a murder between two rival families.

Daddy Issues

With Brennan’s father back in the fold and alone with Christine, it makes mom extra protective of her daughter — and extra worried about her dad. Which is understandable, since he did abandon her, after all. The worry leads to one particularly amusing scene, when Brennan and Booth are driving to visit a possible suspect, and she hangs out of the car window to get a cell signal.

Even though her father seems to be taking care of Christine well, Bones doesn’t trust him — and cuts him loose when he doesn’t pick up or call back to her repeated phone calls. It turns out he had lost it. Yup, she fires her own father.

Modern Day Romeo and Juliet?

The two feuding families might as well be the Bones version of the Montagues and Capulets. There’s the murder of one member, and all fingers point to the other family and then there’s the romance between one member of opposite sides.

But just because the families hate each other, does that mean one would commit murder? It seems a little too obvious for the murderer to come from the other family, but WHO it actually turns out to be is the surprising part.

Having the Most to Gain

Sue Bob and Junior are the Romeo and Juliet of this epsiode — and it turns out Junior’s mother, who’s a lawyer and conveniently made a lot of money from the lawsuits the two families had on one other. The man who died, the other grandfather, had turned to her to end all the lawsuits — and she wasn’t having it.

But how exactly did they figure out it’s her? The grandfather is found in the woods, and it just so happens to be truffle season. This means that if she committed the crime, her clothes would have truffle spore all over them — and they do.

All Made Up

In the end, Brennan and her father make nice with a heart to heart. Max thought it’d be OK if he didn’t call her back because he thought she trusted him — which he knows now is wrong. And Brennan admits she wants Christine’s grandfather in her daughter’s life.

A Man for Cam?

Oh, Cam — I feel like her storyline needs to be spiced up. Like a lot. When is she going to find a man? She deserves someone great! I know it’s her job as the boss, but it feels like she’s picking fights with both Brennan and Daisy. Why does she always have to be the Jeffersonian’s bad guy?

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