Matthew Gray Gubler tells TV Guide that tonight’s season finale of Criminal Minds is not “as insane” as some of their “in-your-face finales” in the past (gun at Hotch’s head, exploding cars, etc). But for co-executive producer Erica Messer, it’s definitely the “scariest.”

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A pretty tall order considering the show’s long list of creepy episodes, from a serial killer who impregnate young women then kills them after giving birth to someone who removes the eyes of his victims and keeps them as souvenirs. And those were just from one season.

“The mandate given to me by [executive producer] Ed Bernero for the finale was just to make it the scariest one we’ve ever done, which is an interesting assignment,” Messer tells TV Guide. “What I realized is, I needed to know what scares me. If I wrote my fear then there will be a truth to it.”

The result? Billy Flynn, a serial killer who has killed people during blackouts, to be played by Tim Curry.

“[He] kills families, but always leaves one person alive, which is psychological torture for the rest of that person’s life. … He feeds off of making people powerless.”

And as is customary with Minds finales, one person in the team is always in danger, though maybe not of will-he-live-or-not type this time.

“Emotionally, Morgan [Shemar Moore] will have to live with some horrible things that happened on his watch. Maybe we’ll be able to pick up that thread next season,” Messer adds.

Next season, Gubler reveals, will of course see the return of Curry to conclude his serial killing ways.

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Glenn Diaz

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