Tonight’s Glee episode is about expressing yourself, and man, did those expressions get expressed. Many of the storylines that were brewing through the past few episodes pretty much came bursting out tonight, from Kurt and Finn’s domestic dramas to Puck and Quinn’s baby drama. Oh, and last week’s motherly reveal, too. Coupled with the frantic onslaught style the show has perfected — I know, I appreciated the breather last week, so I appreciate tonight’s “whoa, wait, what just happened?” feel again — and you’ve got a pretty strong, albeit not perfect, episode. All that, and without Sue Sylvester.

So what happened? Figgins wants Tina to be something other than Goth and Rachel thinks Vocal Adrenaline’s going Gaga, so Will decides to give his glee kids a lesson in theatricality. He doesn’t really know what to do with it, though. The end results were a surprise to him, I guess. Puck admitted he wants to be with Quinn when she gives birth. Rachel tries to bond with her mom Shelby and decides to stay away for a while, but not after a song and a hug. Finally, Finn is forced to move into Kurt’s house, but things get really terrible — really terrible. There are realizations, but the harm might’ve been done already.

This week’s best: Burt Hummel


This week’s episode of Glee was particularly, and I’m not talking about the Rachel-Shelby storyline. You know something is up when Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer start delivering their lines with a lot more conviction than they usually do. (Not that they haven’t, but did you notice the extra edge in some of their scenes?) But tonight Mike O’Malley is the star of the show: Burt’s impassioned defense of Kurt’s sexuality — and disappointment at Finn’s attitude — gave the scene that extra kick, highlighting the father-son relationship like never before. I’ve been impressed with him all season, but tonight everything went full circle.

This week’s worst: Rachel and Shelby rushing through things


Yes, I know, last week I was all giddy about Shelby being revealed as Rachel’s mom. I pondered the many questions that would arise with that. But this week, I thought things happened too fast: suddenly Rachel knows, suddenly they’re bonding, suddenly they know it won’t work out that fast. I felt that storyline would work better when stretched a bit across the rest of the season, if not through to the second… but with how things turned out tonight, at least we know the door is open for Shelby’s return.

This week’s best song: Puck’s “Beth”

It’s a close call between this one and Rachel and Shelby’s “Poker Face,” but I actually liked the thought they gave to Puck’s song. Nice way to give us a name for Quinn’s baby (hello, Beth Fabray!) and a nice way to have Mark Salling sing, too.

This week’s quotables:


“American teens are coming down with a serious case of Twilight fever, transforming normal children to vampires obsessed with the occult!”
–Principal Figgins is an Edward Cullen noob, so he must be a Justin Bieber noob too

“What’s up with that Gaga dude? She just dresses weird, right? Like Bowie?”
–Puck, at least, knows his rock history

“You look terrible. I look awesome.”
–Brittany is awesome, hands down

“They call Paul Stanley the Starchild because he’s romantic or something, but that doesn’t really explain my whore lips.”
–Puck has whore lips? Why didn’t I notice that?

“So here’s what’s gonna happen. My dad? He’s the king of the vampires. And Asian vampires are the most vicious of all the vampires. You’re going to let me wear my lady demon clothes or my dad will fly into your bedroom and bite your face off! He’s really pissed! Is that what you want?”
–Tina’s blade of equality gets the spotlight again

My thought bubbles:

Whose Gaga costume was the best? I had a hard time. I jumped from Brittany to Quinn in five minutes, and then Santana started singing and I jumped ship, and then Quinn cried and I jumped ship, so… whose Gaga costume was the best?

What now about Burt and Carole’s romance? It seems Kurt and Finn’s misunderstanding has been all but forgotten, but what about their parents? The romance is there, but will Burt cut it off to protect his son? Will Kurt stop being so pushy about it? (And while we’re at it, what the heck is with Finn’s superhero outfit in the last scene? I know it’s a shower curtain but it looks… un-Kurt.)

What does Puck’s dad do? He’s a deadbeat and he’s a badass, but what is he really? A rock star touring the country, waiting to be cast for the second season?

Where the heck is Jesse? With Rachel already connected to Shelby, does that mean he will just leave and return to Vocal Adrenaline? I think we’ll get answers next week — remember, this week’s Gaga episode was supposed to air next week but was swapped at the last minute.

Can you believe we only have two episodes left? Yep, just two episodes. Next week’s the return of Terri, and the week after that, it’s regionals. And deliverance.

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Henrik Batallones

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