In last week’s episode, the agents managed to stop two Unsubs and save the woman they were targeting. In tonight’s episode, “To Bear Witness”, the agents investigate a case in Baltimore and meet their new Section Chief, played by Esai Morales. Read on to find out what the minds behind Criminal Minds have in-store for us in this week.

‘Criminal Minds’ Recap: Giving the Fans What They Want

Who is Mateo Cruz?

We first meet new Section Chief Mateo Cruz as he is going for a morning run with JJ, who worked with Cruz at the State Department during her time away from the BAU. The former colleagues joke around for a bit before JJ says they cannot keep meeting like this. Cruz agrees, but says they have a lot to talk about, so they decide to have breakfast together. We can tell from this brief interaction that these two know each other well and have a very real connection. What that connection entails, remains to be seen.

The next time we see Cruz, Hotch is introducing him to the team as their new Section Chief. This news is a shock to JJ, as Cruz did not mention it during their morning meet-up. Cruz claims he only got the call after they had breakfast together, but that seems a little suspicious. JJ and Cruz do not mention their history to the rest of the team, presumably for the same reason JJ was concerned about their early-morning get-together.


On his first day as Section Chief, Cruz decides to join the team in the field for their latest case. The team heads to Baltimore where a young man was found wandering around after a lobotomy. Morgan questions the victim — a man named Sam Carter — but Sam cannot talk. Morgan gets Sam to answer questions via blinking, but it is a long and frustrating process. Sam has information that could help with the investigation, but Sam cannot give up said information due to his communication issues.

During the course of the investigation, the team learns that the Unsub is holding another victim captive. Sam tries to tell Morgan the woman’s name, as he knows her, but he cannot complete the blinking session properly.

Eventually, Sam’s doctor checks his eyes and discovers that a camera has been implanted in one. The agents are shocked to discover that the Unsub is watching everything through Sam’s eye-camera. (This storyline may feel repetitive to anyone who watched last night’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., though that particular eye-camera was much more advanced.)

When Morgan tries to fool the Unsub by communicating through Sam’s eye-camera, the Unsub puts the video online to taunt the agents. They shut down Sam’s eye-camera, but the Unsub just installs one in his female victim and puts the feed back on the internet. The Unsub wants to punish his female victim and force everyone else to watch.

This Unsub Takes Sibling Rivalry to a Whole New Level

While Morgan works with Sam, Garcia calls an old — and dearly missed — friend and learns that Sam is not the Unsub’s first victim. Garcia tells the team that Emily found a case via Interpol of a previous victim in Germany. The agents figure out that the Unsub has a connection to Germany, as does his current female victim, Dana. The agents connect the Unsub to Dana via a familial connection: Dana is the Unsub’s sister. The agents eventually save Dana and arrest the Unsub, but that family will never be the same again.

Why is Cruz at the BAU?

We learn a little more about the JJ-Cruz connection in the episode’s final moments. Cruz and JJ once worked a top-secret case together at the State Department and it is still an open one. One reason JJ was so shocked to see Cruz at the BAU is because she thought they were not allowed to even be seen together, let alone work together again while the case is still open.

Once again, Cruz says that he had no part in this transfer and that it was done at the last minute. This sudden transfer indicates that whoever placed Cruz with the BAU has the power to get around the normal channels and fast-track things like this. But why would someone want JJ and Cruz to work together if it puts them in danger?

During the course of tonight’s investigation, Cruz and JJ both recognize the nano-tech the Unsub used, so it is a good bet that the tech had something to do with that open case. Is it a coincidence that Cruz’s first case with the BAU has ties to the open case he worked with JJ? Or did someone with knowledge of the Unsub’s nano-tech access make sure Cruz was at the BAU for tonight’s case?

What do you think of tonight’s episode? Do you think the name Sam Carter was a reference to Stargate SG-1 or just a funny coincidence? Did you enjoy the Emily shout-out as much as I did? What did you think of Section Chief Cruz and his relationship with JJ? And how will their open case connect back to the BAU? Hit the comments section and let us know your thoughts.

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