Person of Interest Season 3 has seen the addition of two new characters, as well as a change in the way the Machine communicates. BuddyTV was there when creator/executive producer Jonathan Nolan and executive producer Greg Plageman spoke to the press about what is coming up the rest of this season. 

Root’s Storyline is Going to Get Intense

So far this season, it’s been made clear that Root’s relationship with the machine is different than Finches. Nolan and Plageman said that all roads lead to conflict on the show and Root’s story is definitely not heading anywhere safe or relaxed. It will be intense. 

The Machine’s Plan Will Be Revealed… Slowly

The main story of this season will be the question of: If the machine has a plan, what is that plan? Nolan and Plageman said that the answer to that question will involve Root and viewers will see through her what the Machine is trying to do now that it has a little more autonomy and control. They also said that the Machine has a larger plan that it will be revealed slowly, but promised that one aspect of what that plan is will definitely be revealed by the end of this season. However, they were also quick to point out that just because the Machine has a plan, that doesn’t mean that it will be successful. The Machine is, after all, one of their characters and they don’t shy from giving any of their characters challenges, including the electronic ones. 

Finch Still Has More Secrets About the Machine

It may appear that Finch has told Reese everything about how he communicates with the Machine, but Nolan and Plageman said that that is not the case. There is still the question of how the Machine decides who to save and also how Finch decides who to save – since he is undoubtedly given more than one number sometimes. Both EPs promised that they intend to go into that story more and answer those questions. 

Finch and Root’s Battle Has Only Begun

The Machine is obviously communicating to Root differently than it does to Finch and, according to Nolan and Plageman, Finch finds the relationship that she has with the Machine very unsettling. They also hinted at a “fun conflict” that will be coming between the two in an upcoming episode. 

Carter’s Story Will Grow This Season

Nolan and Plageman said that fans will definitely learn more about Carter and her backstory this season. Her story will be wrapped into the story of HR, who will bring “nothing but trouble” to Carter and everyone else this season. Carter has an ax to grind after what happened to Beecher and the question for her this season will be: What is she up to and how is she planning to take on HR? The EPs said they think hers is a “really juicy storyline” that they will continue to evolve this season. 

Expect a Shaw Origin Story in Episode 5

Those who have wanted to learn more about Shaw will be happy to know that her story will move forward in the fifth episode this season. Nolan and Plageman said that Episode 5 is a pretty eye-opening story about her character in terms of who she is and how she became the person that she is today. Fans will get a little bit of a glimpse of an origin story for her there. They also promised that they will reveal in another episode why she seems to have a stronger connection to Bear than to anyone else on the team. 

Fusco’s Story Will Get Powerful

Fusco lovers, be ready to celebrate. Nolan and Plageman promised that there is still much to come from the detective. “We have a very powerful story arc coming for him,” they promised. They pointed out that Fusco’s relationship with Carter really deepened last season when they did an origin story for him and they promised that he’s going to become more integral to the story as the show goes on. 

You May Already Know What Season 4 Will Be About

Nolan and Plageman talked about the overall story for the show and said that they have the next big steps planned, should they get a Season 4. They said that those viewers who have as much of an affection for good science fiction film and television – as well as a really good ear – will already have an idea of what the next season will be about based on the first couple of episodes of this season. 

What do you think now that you’ve learned more about Person of Interest Season 3? Whose story are you most excited to see as the season continues? Do you think you’ve figured out what might happen in Season 4?

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Michelle Carlbert

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV