Last weekend Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis took the Stilinski family to New York Comic Con to make some big announcements and tease the second half of season three.

Teen Wolf Gets Fourth Season

The big news? Unsurprisingly Teen Wolf has been renewed by MTV for a fourth season. A bit more surprisingly, the fourth season will go back to being 12 episodes instead of the expanded 24 episode order of season three. 

This isn’t because the network doesn’t have faith in the cult beloved supernatural show, but because creator Jeff Davis needs time to sleep. The increased episode order had resulted in a bit of burn out, and the creative team behind our favorite handsome werewolves asked for the reduced order to focus on telling a shorter, tighter story.

Get Ready For Wolf Watch

That’s not the only news out of New York City for Teen Wolf fanatics. Piggybacking off the success of AMC after shows like Talking Dead and Talking Bad, MTV is getting in on the after show game. 

Hosted by former Teen Wolf star Jill Wagner, who played Kate Argent in the first season, Wolf Watch will welcome actors from the show and celebrity fans, cover behind-the-scenes dish, and answer burning fan questions. 

Thankfully for the truly obsessed Teen Wolf fan, you won’t have to wait until season four to give Wolf Watch a season pass on your DVR. The show will be premiering January 6 after the second half of season three begins.

Spoilers, Spoilers, and More Spoilers!

While those were the big announcements, you know Teen Wolf fans and panel moderator Damian Holbrook from TV Guide Magazine had more burning questions for the creator and cast members to answer. 

Here are just a few interesting tidbits and spoilers picked up from the New York Comic Con panel:

  • A fan asked about the backstory for Stiles’ Jeep and Dylan O’Brien decided the car was named Roscoe. 
  • As mentioned at San Diego Comic Con, the second half of season three will focus prominently on the Japanese Kitsune myth, or the myth of the trickster fox. Good thing we’re all pretty obsessed with the mystery of the fox right now. 
  • While the first part of season three was more action-packed (lots of dubstep, lots of shirtless werewolves) the next part of the season will be more emotionally grounded. 
  • We might actually see a little romantic spark between Scott’s mom and Stiles’ dad.
  • Stiles will have an emotional arc in the upcoming season dealing with memories. 
  • Creator Jeff Davis doesn’t always remember to tell the actors their characters are being killed off. Case in point: poor Jill Wagner, who had a big surprise in store when she read the script for the first season finale.
  • Speaking of death! According to Davis don’t expect everyone to make it out of this half season alive or to come back next season. Apparently he’s also losing the Carver twins to a pilot for HBO, so the fate of their characters are up in the air. 
  • Last but certainly not least, Stiles will be losing a certain “status” this half season. Will Stiles finally swipe his v-card? And with who? As if we needed more reasons to count down the days until the new season!

What do you think? Are you sad or glad season four will only be 12 episodes? Will you be watching Wolf Watch? Sound off in the comments! 

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Morgan Glennon

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