Not everything about Criminal Minds is dark and disturbing. Cast member Kristen Vangsness often provides comic relief as the quirky Penelope Garcia and now she’s giving fans a tour of the set to expose filming secrets.

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In the video released by TV Guide, Vangsness gives viewers a closer look at the BAU office, which includes Reid’s desk with some fossil figures, and Garcia’s office, which is full of colorful trinkets and interesting knickknacks. ¬†

The Criminal Minds actress also shares that sometimes they put coffee in the legal file drawer and gently close it and then go do a scene. When they get sleepy, they go back for it from the drawer, which can also be a good place to hide a bagel.

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It’s pretty clear, however, that Vangsness is not yet over Morgan’s (Shemar Moore) departure when she stops by his office. “We miss him,” she says. “We miss him so much.”

Last but not the least, Vangsness gives a shout-out to Thomas Gibson by revealing the office’s Wi-Fi password: HotchSmellsLikeFreedom.

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Dean Bextor

Staff Writer, BuddyTV