The highly celebrated 200th episode of ‘Bones’ is a farcical romp reminiscent of the cinematography and aesthetic of Hitchcock’s North by Northwest and the chemistry-ridden repartee of McTiernan’s The Thomas Crown Affair during which, Brennan is reimagined as an officer with the LAPD while Booth is one of the best jewel thieves in the business. All other Bones universe personalities are repurposed as maids, photojournalists, lounge singers, destitute playboys, waiters, museum paleontologists, getaway pilots and secretaries in a dreamscape dramedy that serves as a love letter from the Bones fairies to their 17 million fans worldwide who have stuck by them through a decade of love and loyalty. Here are our favorite moments from the momentous event.

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#41 “They’re celebrating their tenth film together in 10 years, which means a decade of joy for America.”

“And here they are joining other great stars in the Hollywood galaxy as they are honored by being immortalized in cement for the hours of enjoyment they’ve given their fans. Yes, we couldn’t ask for anything more than this testament to their great and enduring talent. But don’t be late, the movie is about to begin. Yes, it’s showtime. Hollywood royalty files in to see this new and exciting picture. Good luck to Emily and David even though we know they don’t need it.“

This is the newsreel voice over that opens “The 200th in the 10th” depicting Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz as movie stars attending the premiere of their tenth film in 10 years.

#40 “Don’t look.”

Brennan says this to Camille when the two of them stand facing the charred remains of Eva Braga crammed in the safe. It’s hilarious because we all know Camille is actually a coroner and these two are the least squeamish females on the planet.

#39 “If you want to stay with the department, there’s a stenographer’s desk out there next to Angela.”

OMG. Max delivers the first and most sexist line of the episode when he suspends Brennan. In the 1950s, Brennan might have said, “Men have been slapped for less,” as she later did to Booth when he commented that it must be cold in her bedroom.

#38 “You won’t have eyes if you keep talking like that.”

Clemens: “She’s quite easy on the eyes, chief.”
Brennan: “You won’t have eyes if you keep talking like that.”

Chief Max Keenan removes daughter Officer Temperance Brennan from the case of Eva Braga’s murder when she goes against direct orders and pursues Booth without appropriate backup.

#37 “I will be there when they flip that switch and fry him like a breakfast kipper.”

Clemens when he brags that he has been pursuing jewel thief Seeley Booth for years and will be the one to catch him.

#36 “Please put that away. How can a man enjoy a martini with a gun pointed at him?”

Brennan sneaks into Booth’s suite at the Grant Court Hotel to surprise him with a proposition.

#35 “It’s not your style. For you style is everything.”

Brennan tells Booth the cops think he killed Eva Braga, but he wants to know what she thinks.

#34 “Please, darling, you’re going to make me blush.”

Booth responding to Brennan as he mixes her a martini after Brennan says she has a proposition for him in regards to clearing his name of the Braga murder.

#33 “Clemens, that Brit drip!”

Booth scoffs that Chief Keenan thinks Aldo Clemens from Interpol can catch him.

#32 “Let’s drink to it.”

Brennan: “Do we have a deal?”
Booth: “Why not? Let’s drink to it.”
Brennan and Booth raise a glass to seal their deal to work together to catch Eva Braga’s killer.

#31 “This is no time to play with dinosaurs, darling, let’s skedaddle.”

Booth to Brennan when he doesn’t want to mess around talking to professors at the Natural History Museum. In response, Brennan replies, “Don’t call me, ‘darling!'”

#30 “We chose the door.”

Booth to Hodgins after he asks who they are and how they got in there.

#29 “I’m sorry. You wouldn’t happen to have any gin? A conversation like this and a man needs a martini.”

Booth is already bored with the science mumbo jumbo once Hodgins recognizes that Brennan is familiar with the dinosaur bones.

#28 “Stole that from the murder scene… you are full of surprises.”

Booth to Brennan when she hands Hodgins a doggie bag full of bones from the crime scene.

#27 “While you’re asking for the impossible, why don’t you see if they can send a man to the moon?”

Booth to Brennan after she suggests they may be able to figure out cause of death just by examining the victim’s bones.

#26 “You’re a thief, aren’t you? Let’s see how good you are.”

Brennan’s challenge to Booth when Hodgins tells her he and Dr. Edison will need the rest of Eva Braga’s remains. Booth’s response to her ‘challenge,’ reminded me of his response to Brennan when she suggests they have sex while waiting to learn if Flynn has delivered the staged corpse to the park to lure Pelant into the open.

#25 “I guess science is a hobby of mine. I like to think it could be the key to solving crimes.”

Brennan to Booth as the drive away from stealing the corpse from the morgue.

#24 “Of course I believe in science, darling. Without science we wouldn’t have television, and I’m definitely getting one of those.”

Booth to Brennan. The funny part about this is that Booth has teased Brennan about her lack of a television since the first season on Bones.

#23 “A bit louder, my dear, and we can dance to it.”

Arastoo’s response to Angela when she announces out loud at the restaurant that he fences jewels for a living.

#22 “A word of advice, young man — never try to understand a woman.”

Arastoo to Wendell when asked why Braga might have sold her jewels if she was already rich.

#21 “Watch your step, Vaziri, unless you wanna wear that drink.”

Angela to Arastoo when he comments about understanding women.

#20 “People working together toward a common goal, that’s pretty much the definition of a partner.”

Booth: “You should be a lot nicer to your partner, you know.”
Brennan: “We’re not partners.”
Booth: “People working together toward a common goal, that’s pretty much the definition of a partner. Come on, do your partner a solid, will ya?”
Booth to Brennan after their discussion about why someone would have killed Eva Braga

#19 “Booth! And you brought an angel with you… I don’t think it’s temporary, you two were made for each other.”

Sarge to Brennan and Booth when they visit him playing music in the alleyway.

#18 “She was killed before she was put into the safe! I find that I am quite enjoying this, Mr. Edison.”

Hodgins to Clark during a Eureka moment when he figures out Braga was killed before she exploded.

#17 “You never let anyone in your bedroom before. It must be cold in there.”

Booth: “You never let anyone in your bedroom before. It must be cold in there.”
Brennan: “Men have been slapped for less.”
Booth: “Or more.”
Booth to Brennan when she tells him he can sleep on the couch. She replies that men have been slapped for saying less.

#16 “Booth is a dreamboat I’d like to take a sail on, even if he’s a thief. No one’s perfect, doll.”

Angela to Brennan about the deliciousness of Booth.

#15 “Are you having second thoughts about me?”

Booth: “Are you having second thoughts about me?”
Brennan: “Do you really care?”
Booth: “I shouldn’t.”
When Brennan interrogates Booth about giving money to Sarge, he assures her Sarge wouldn’t hurt a fly, but since she suspects him, he has a question of his own for her.

#14 “Now I know why you got suspended. They’re all jealous of you.”

Booth to Brennan when she explains that a drawing of the victim’s face might help them identify who the corpse really belongs to.

#13 “You fell for Robin Hood, sugar.”

Caroline explains how Booth stole from people who made money off the war and gave it to those who were struggling after being in combat.

#12 “There was still blood in the parietal. That’s a bone in the head.”

Hodgins to Brennan. The hilarious thing about this line is the breathy way Hodgins delivers it and the fact that he’s explaining it in such pedestrian terms to an anthropologist.

#11 “I should be thanking you. You have opened an entire new branch of forensic science, young lady.”

Hodgins to Brennan when he realizes all they could figure out based upon the proof hidden in the bones.

#10 “Of course, I am. Why is everyone always so surprised by that?”

Booth exclaims that Brennan is brilliant when she uses the refracted light off a crystal to uncover blood on the stairwell.

#9 “We should probably try to escape.”

Brennan to Booth when they are locked in a closet by Camille.

#8 “The Golden Ratio is hard to argue with, Ms. Montenegro.”

Hodgins: (To Chief Keenan) “I wouldn’t have been able to give this beautiful artist the victim’s description without his daughter’s visionary help.”
Angela: “You really think I’m beautiful, doc?”
Hodgins: “The Golden Ratio is hard to argue with, Ms. Montenegro.”

#7 “You get out of here, you bombastic twit. Now!”

Chief Keenan to Interpol’s Aldo Clemens, who proves worthless in solving the case.

#6 “You solved the case, detective!”

Booth: “You solved the case, detective.”
Brennan: “And now we are going to die.”
Booth: “I would never let that happen.”

#5 “This is why I like to drive.”

Booth to Brennan when he finally rights the plane and saves the two of them from certain death in a fiery plane crash.

#4 “You watch yourself, or she’ll be on you like a cheap suit.”

Max to Booth when Booth says he’ll call her ‘Bones’ now that she’ll be heading up the department of forensic anthropology.

#3 “There’s a time for the law and a time for justice, darling, and tonight belongs to justice.”

Brennan to Booth when he asks her if the bag of loot should have been turned in to the authorities. Instead of given to Sarge.

#2 “There’s one more thing. We haven’t kissed yet. That doesn’t seem like justice to me.”

Booth to Brennan after the case has been solved and justice has been… almost… served.

#1 “The End.”

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