With his wedding out of the way and Christmas coming, Barry Allen is back into hero mode on The Flash. This of course also means that Barry is certain to screw things up in “Don’t Run,” especially since he needs to face down The Thinker. What are the Flash’s biggest screw-ups in the episode, and who (besides Barry) makes mistakes?

Barry’s Screw-ups

Barry actually starts out the episode doing well. He has some heartfelt moments with new wife Iris while the couple inspects their wedding gifts (no coffeemakers for the West-Allen duo.) Even when DeVoe captures Barry and drags him off to a speedster trap, Barry does not exactly make any mistakes.

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Once Barry is in the trap, however, things go downhill for The Flash. He spends roughly half the episode slamming himself against the anti-speedster wall and then antagonizes DeVoe’s wife over her love for her husband. Does he really think that the most devoted wife ever would turn against her man, just because he is evil?

A short time later, Barry seems to escape from the clutches of The Thinker, totally failing to realize that the uber-genius planned the whole thing. It is a kind of dumb escape too, with the techno-brain chair flying wildly all over the city before crashing. Barry, however, fails to realize the whole thing is a set-up until after DeVoe successfully frames him for murder.

Fast as he may be, Barry is not always so clever.

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Other Screw-ups

Flawed as Barry is throughout this episode, other characters make mistakes too. As Ralph Dibney notes, “Now Christmas is ruined, everyone’s been kidnapped, and it’s all my fault.”

Interestingly, Ralph’s faults mostly lie in insulting Caitlin, thereby inadvertently leading to her kidnapping. Much more prone to screw-ups in “Don’t Run” is Cisco. Not only does he fail to vibe Barry’s location, but Cisco manages to overheat his spy satellite while hunting down his kidnapped friends.

That does not even take into account how Cisco opens Gypsy’s not-a-breakup cube in mixed company. Oops!

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What is Barry’s biggest screw up in “Don’t Run”? Does anyone else make bigger mistakes? Comment below to give your opinion and like our The Flash Facebook page for more news. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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