Psyched for Psych? This Thursday, the detective series will return in movie form — 80s nostalgia, witty misdirects and hilarious hijinks baked right in.

Four years after Chief Vick (Kristen Nelson) transplanted the team to San Francisco, Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dule Hill) will be firmly settled into the Bay Area, running their PI game separate from the police. That division of church and state will come tumbling down, however, when Juliet (Maggie Lawson) picks up a case involving the murderous Thin White Duke. Here’s what Lawson, Roday and Hill have to say about Psych‘s first foray into the reunion game.

On Zachary Levi’s Villainous Thin White Duke

“He’s formidable. He’s not like a thin, blow-away Psych season 4 episode 6 villain, you know? He’s not a villain of the week,” Roday teased. “He’s got some depth, he’s scary and you wouldn’t want to mess with him in a dark alley.”

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“I think he knocked it out of the park,” Hill added. “I really enjoyed what he brought to the table. He’s a very talented actor, and I think the fans are going to enjoy the weirdness of Zach Levi.”

On Mary Lightly’s (Jimmi Simpson) Return from the Grave (Again)

“We love him so much. We refuse to be derailed by the fact that he’s no longer living. I believe he’s now appeared on the show more post-death then he did when he was actually alive, and we take great pride in that,” Roday laughed. “I think we found — I hope we found — a pretty clever way to give the people what they need, and that’s a little more Mary Lightly.”

On Bringing Back Classic Shawn and Gus 

“I would say that we were actually hyper-aware of making sure that we tapped into that classic Shawn and Gus relationship that sort of launched the show,” Roday mused before commenting on the BFF’s signature bits. “We did our normal think tank for the nicknames and the “don’t be-s”, but I think we showed a surprising amount of restraint with the movie references and stuff this time.”

“You will see [Gus] use his super sniffer a bit,” Hill promised. “I think you will see him try to be a player named Gus, you know what I mean. I think you will see him running and screaming.”

On Shawn and Jules’ Relationship

“I asked earlier what I could say, and they said, ‘Shawn and Juliet’s relationship has progressed,'” Lawson hedged. 

On Lassiter’s Absence Due to Timothy Omundson’s Stroke

“I think Maggie Lawson turns in a very sort of beautifully emotionally grounded performance in this movie. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that Tim wasn’t with us, which you will most definitely feel,” Roday said. “You don’t make Psych without Lassiter, so it’s not like it’s something that you’re not going to miss. You will. And I think she carried a lot of that burden, and as a result, I think there’s a depth to her performance that isn’t synonymous with your light, breezy Psych episodes.”

On Juliet’s New Partner

“I do have a new partner…do you know Sam Huntington? He’s wonderful. He’s such a dream to work with,” Lawson teased, previewing a slightly different relationship than what Jules had with Lassiter. 

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“I would say Jules and Lassiter had a long time to sort of develop trust and respect and like an emotional ‘I would die for you’ kind of thing, which is funny because Tim and I are kind of like that in real life. I would say that, because this is a new relationship, there is almost like a lightness, maybe? Or like a little more playful.”

On the Hidden Pineapples

“There is a favorite scene where pineapples show up, but I can’t tell you! But you’re going to love it. I’m telling you, you’re going to love this scene,” Hill promised with a grin. “When you see the pineapple, then you really got to pay attention because that’s when you’re going to be like, ‘This is going to be a cool-ass scene right here.'”

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