As we found out last week, The Vampire Diaries is here to stay. Well, this week’s episode, much like every television show this week, has a spooky Halloween theme. To help celebrate, BuddyTV is giving away treat bags to TWO vampire-obsessed fans. 

Each treat bag includes:

  • A Trick-or-Treat bag
  • Candy
  • Bumper Sticker
  • The Vampire Diaries book
  • The Vampire Diaries T-Shirt

Want to find out how you can win? Keep on reading.

Step 1:  Be sure to watch the new The Vampire Diaries episode “Haunted” on Thursday night at 8pm on The CW. 

Step 2: On Friday, October 30 log on to and make sure you’re following @BTV_VampDiaries. (BuddyTV’s The Vampire Diaries twitter account) At 2:30pm PST we will start tweeting out five questions from the episode. The first two people to tweet @BTV_VampDiaries all five answers correctly wins. 

Note: You may answer each question separately. No need to wait for all five questions to be tweeted. 

Step 3: Winners will be announced on Twitter and will receive a Direct Message with further information. Keep in mind, this contest is open to US residents only. If you have any other questions feel free to tweet them to us.

Need a little taste of what to expect to see happen during “Haunted”? 

As to be expected, Vicki’s behavior becomes more dangerous and Stefan, being the good vampire that he is, tries to help. Meanwhile, Elena has her hands full trying to convince Jeremy to stay away from Vicki. 

Caroline takes a necklace from Damon and gives it to Bonnie to wear with her Halloween costume. When Damon find out, he tries to get it back from Bonnie.

In an attempt to cheer Vicki up, Matt takes her to the high school’s haunted house where things start to get scary. 

We’ve got webclips from this Thursday’s “Haunted” below.

Want to know more? You’ll have to wait and watch Thursday night on The CW at 8pm. And I suggest, take notes!

-Rachel Cameron, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image and video clips courtesy of the CW)

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