The two winners of The Glee Project, adorable Irish lad Damian McGinty and dreadlocked heartthrob-in-training Samuel Larsen, are ready to take center stage on Glee. The show’s upcoming third season will feature both of them for at least seven episodes, but when can we expect them to show up?

According to EOnline, Damian’s run on Glee season 3 will begin in the fourth episode when his foreign exchange student Rory moves in with … Brittany’s family. That’s right, Glee co-creator Ian Brennan is getting his wish, as he said on The Glee Project that he had plenty of ideas for wacky interactions between Damian and Brittany. Maybe Rory will feed Lord Tubbington some Lucky Charms.

Living under the Pierce roof means we’ll also be meeting Brittany’s mother, but what kind of woman could possibly have given birth to such an odd duck? If I were in charge of casting on Glee, there’s only one person I’d hire, and that’s Leslie Grossman. The 39-year-old actress worked with Ryan Murphy before on both Nip/Tuck and The WB teen satire Popular, where she played the iconic vapid dolt Mary Cherry. In fact, this could fulfill my longtime wish of having Grossman reprise her role of Mary Cherry. Perhaps she married a wealthy lawyer named Pierce, moved to Lima, Ohio and gave birth to Brittany. That would certainly be the coolest crossover ever.

Samuel Larsen, however, won’t be arriving until mid-season, most likely in the ninth episode. This puts a stop to my theory that he’s going to be Quinn’s new summer fling from Bible Camp, but given Ryan Murphy’s desire to have an alternative Christian character, I’m sure Samuel will be singing for the Lord in the second half of Glee season 3.

Glee returns with new episodes starting Tuesday, September 20 at 8pm on FOX.

Source: EOnline
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