There is only one thing better than amazingly good TV shows, and that’s when aspects of those shows get together to create something even cooler. And it looks like this amazing synergy is going to happen during season 5 of Chuck. Why? Danny Pudi from Community will be a guest star!

According to a report from AolTV, Danny Pudi will appear in episode 5 of the upcoming season. That episode, entitled “Chuck vs. the Hack-Off,” will most likely air in November.

Pudi is best-known for playing Abed Nadir on Community. The ridiculously funny and widely praised character tends to be something of an obsessive pop-culture fan, so a show like Chuck is a perfect fit. Granted, we don’t know that Danny Pudi will be playing Abed (or an Abed-like character) on Chuck. But there is a chance.

Seriously. It’s happened before. Last spring, the character of Abed — not just the actor — appeared in one scene of Cougar Town. Check out the video below:

The truly amusing part is that Community viewers had been warned about the scene. Some weeks before the Cougar Town cameo, Abed had described a visit to the set of the ABC show. What we saw on Cougar Town fit that description too closely to be a fluke.

Of course, it’s a lot more likely that Danny Pudi will simply play a different character when he appears on Chuck. The results would be somewhat less meta, but that doesn’t make the casting any less cool.

More Casting! More Spoilers!
We’re not done with the casting news yet. TVLine has reported that two guest stars for the season’s fourth episode (“Chuck vs. the Business Trip) have been cast.

The episode finds Chuck and Sarah hosting an “Employee of the Year” convention for the Buy More. The two guest stars will play store managers attending the convention, held at the Aloha Hawaiian Hotel and Resort (located in Riverside, California — naturally).

The first guest star is David Koechner, best known for playing Packer on The Office. Koechner will play “Crazy Bob,” a somewhat jovial Buy More manager. A second manager (and friend to Bob), Jane Robertson, will be played by Catherine Dent. Robertson previously appeared on The Shield.

The casting and spoilers in this report indicate that Chuck and Sarah used their Volkoff money to purchase the entire Buy More corporation and not just a single store.

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Season 5 of Chuck begins on Friday, October 21.

(Image courtesy of NBC, video courtesy of ABC via YouTube)

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