We’ve been with How I Met Your Mother for a while now, and up to this moment we still don’t have an idea who the “mother” the title refers to is.  (I actually end up thinking sometimes that the actual mother has yet to be cast, or won’t ever be cast at all.  But that’s just me.)  Off-character, though, it’s a different story: we’ve long known that Alyson Hannigan is pregnant with her first child with actor Alexis Denisof.

All of a sudden, you can say that it runs down the television show.  The other female star of the CBS sitcom, Cobie Smulders, has also recently announced that she is expecting her first child, with husband Taran Killam.  Also a comedian in his own right, he’s appeared in sketch shows such as MADtv but has also made a guest appearance on HIMYM, as Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) co-worker turned janitor Blauman.

“Everyone’s tremendously excited by all the impending motherhood here at How I Met Your Mother,” series co-creator Craig Thomas said in a statement.  “We’re all so happy for Cobie and Aly, who will undoubtedly be amazing moms!”

But what about the show, then?  Although both actresses are still in the early stages of their pregnancies, inevitably the cast and crew would have to deal with not one, but two pregnant ladies.  It’s a little funny, really—didn’t Robin (Smulders) always not like having babies, and didn’t Lily (Hannigan) just vow specifically not to have a baby?

It would be a very interesting set of episodes, I think.  And, if Thomas is to be believed, they should have had it coming.  “If you’re trying to start a family, please come visit the set of How I Met Your Mother,” he joked.  “We can’t legally guarantee anything, but by the time you leave, you will almost certainly be pregnant.”  At least it isn’t Barney who is pregnant.  That’d be too much.

How I Met Your Mother
will be on rerun mode this week, with an episode from earlier in the year making a return to the airwaves this Monday, from 8:30pm, on CBS.

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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