Chuck doesn’t get out of Burbank often enough. Sure, he occasionally jets off to Europe or Asia, but the man never gets a chance to relax on such visits. Will that change in “Chuck vs. the Business Trip?” Alas, it seems unlikely.

WARNING: The videos contained in this article are very spoiler-y in nature and should not be viewed by anyone likely to get really, really mad at the article’s author. Especially if you are inclined to leave mean comments that will make the author sad.

The basic plot of “Chuck vs. the Business Trip,” episode 4 of Chuck season 5, revolves around Chuck taking Morgan’s place at a Buy More Employee-of-the-Year convention. It seems that the assassination attempts — ordered because of Morgan’s brain-addled behavior — are continuing, and this is the only way to flush out the killers.

To start, here is the official promo for “Chuck vs. the Business Trip.”

Some highlights:

  • It’s probably a pretty major spoiler, considering the cliffhanger ending of last week’s “Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips,” that Morgan is even alive. Of course, I doubt anyone believed that Chuck would kill off Morgan Grimes. Not this early in the season anyway…
  • Morgan does, however, look a little charred.
  • Beckman will be back for the de-Intersecting!
  • Considering all the trouble he’s gone to in order to ruin Chuck’s life in various ways, I can’t see Decker just calling off any hit.
  • If you look fast, can you see the assassin? Could it be that there are more killers lurking by the pool?
  • What’s up with Casey? It doesn’t look good…

The second video explains the set-up for the business trip. And we get a brief glimpse at the new (and improved?) Jeffrey Barnes in the process:

Uh oh… Lester does not look happy. Bad things happen when Lester is not happy.

In the final video, Chuck and Sarah — already at the Buy More convention — discuss their strategy for outing a notorious assassin and staying alive:

  • Do they typically give out leis to welcome people to Riverside, California? Never having been there, I can’t be certain. It’s a nice touch anyway.
  • Note that Chuck’s nametag reads “Morgan.” Hopefully, that will be enough to lure the killer into whatever clever and/or amusing trap they have planned.
  • While conversations about assassins and death may not be normal conversation for married folk, one might imagine that it is in the Bartowski household.
  • Honestly, that’s not so many ways to die. I can think of lots more.

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How do you feel about Morgan losing the Intersect? Will the new Jeff last? What’s the twist with Casey? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments section!

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