Throughout its five-season run, one of Chuck‘s enduring mysteries has been the past of its female protagonist, Sarah Walker. This coming season, however, at least one Sarah-related mystery will be answered: Cheryl Ladd will play Sarah’s long-lost mother.

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The casting news comes from, which reports that Ladd will play Emma, Sarah’s mother, in at least one upcoming season 5 episode. The episode (the 8th in season 5) is scheduled to air in January and will be titled “Chuck vs. the Baby.”

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Cheryl Ladd is best known for playing Kris Munroe on the 1970s classic, Charlie’s Angels. Ladd joined the cast in 1977 when star Farah Fawcett left to pursue a movie career. Cheryl Ladd then remained on the series for 87 episodes, until its cancellation in 1981.

Ladd’s subsequent career has included an impressive number of TV movies and regular roles on short-lived series like Las Vegas and One West Waikiki. Her Chuck role seems to be coinciding with a career resurgence as a guest star: Cheryl Ladd appeared on CSI: Miami in 2009 and will play a love interest for Ducky (David McCallum) on NCIS later this season.

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Fans of Chuck will know that Sarah’s father, Jack Burton (played by Gary Cole), was a con man who regularly dragged his young daughter into trouble. After Jack’s arrest when Sarah (then known as Jenny) was in high school, the future-Sarah-Walker was recruited by the CIA.

While a grandmother was mentioned in season 4’s “Chuck vs. the Wedding Planner,” no mention of Sarah’s mother (or any other family) has surfaced before now. What events will bring about the return of this long-lost relative? How will Emma affect Sarah’s life?

We’ll find out in January.

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Is Cheryl Ladd a good choice to play Sarah’s mom? Who is your favorite Chuck season 5 guest star announced so far? Leave your comments below!

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