David Boreanaz, everybody’s favorite Seeley Booth, directed the upcoming Bones episode, “The Blackout in the Blizzard.” And it turns out that he has a lot to say about the episode and about a lot of other Bones plot points.

EW.com has published an interview with the Bones star in which he definitely spills some serious information about upcoming show plots. Some of the spillage is about expected developments, some of it not so much. We’re definitely talking about spoilers with some of this.


So what can we expect from “The Blackout in the Blizzard?” The following are some key tidbits gleaned from the interview:

  • Booth finds those stadium seats out on the street. They’re leftovers from the Philadelphia Veteran’s Stadium, a place filled with childhood memories for Booth, so he takes them home.
  • It sounds like a discussion about Booth’s father is a catalyst for some greater intimacy between Booth and Brennan. To quote Boreanaz, “Yes, there is a moment. There is a very strong moment.”
  • Back in the lab, Hodgins and Wendell are in full-on experiment mode. The three experiments conducted involve Hodgins on a bungee cord and Wendell getting hit in the face by blue stuff.
  • Apparently, the current loss of the “Cocky” belt buckle is only temporary. Booth exchanged it for a rifle belt buckle with the appearance of his nemesis, Jacob Broadsky. We will (hopefully!) get “Cocky” back when Broadsky is no longer a threat.
  • David Boreanaz is a mean, mean man. At one point in the interview, he jokes about a marriage proposal in the elevator. It’s not true. Sigh.


If this isn’t enough for you, check out the promo for “The Blackout in the Blizzard.”

In addition to these hints from David Boreanaz, EW.com provided a photo showing a scene late in the episode. The scene comes after the characters’ imprisonment in the elevator. According to Boreanaz: “We make a little special wish for the two of us, about when we might be ready to [get] together. I think fans will be excited. But some may just throw a shoe at the TV.”


What could that possibly mean? Where will Bones be going after “The Blackout in the Blizzard?” Is there even the slightest, remotest chance that fans will be satisfied by what transpires between Brennan and Booth? Leave your opinions and comments below!

(Image and video courtesy of FOX)

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