While Chuck is playing coy with its first episode back after the midwinter hiatus (“Chuck vs. the Balcony,” scheduled to air on Jan. 17), there is plenty of information floating around about future episodes of the show. Casting news combined with a few bits of episode information makes deciphering Chuck possible, even without an Intersect.

Guest Star Casting
First of all, the casting. Two familiar faces have been cast for upcoming episodes of Chuck. The first is Lauren Cohan (formerly Bella on Supernatural and Rose on The Vampire Diaries). According to TVLine, Cohan will play a character named Vivian. A history student at Oxford and a sophisticated socialite, Vivian is actually the daughter of “a criminal mastermind.”
Could Alexei Volkoff have a family of his own? Is Chuck about to get a quasi-stepsister? Will she be evil?

The second of the women recently cast is Robin Givens (you may remember her (or not) from Head of the Class and divorcing Mike Tyson). Givens will play an executive at “a powerful and controlling agency.” The agency in question (the National Clandestine Service) is after the considerable spy skills of one John Casey. We all know that Casey would ever allow himself to leave the Buy More, but it should be interesting.

The two characters are both scheduled to appear in March, most likely in the season’s 16th episode, “Chuck vs. the First Mate.”

Evil Sarah?
In other Chuck news, E! Online posted a comment from executive producer Chris Fedak on Sarah’s shocking new look in “Chuck vs. the Gobbler.” It might just be a disguise, but there is the possibility of something more. According to Fedak, “Two words: Evil Sarah.”

Want to see Evil Sarah?

Sarah and her evil dark hair will appear on the Jan. 24 episode of Chuck.

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What do you think? Are you excited for the guest stars? For Evil Sarah? What are you most looking forward to on Chuck? Leave us a comment below!

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