Season’s greetings! Unless you’re talking the TV season, which is pretty much on hiatus this week. So to ease the pain of too many reruns and countdown until Christmas, Carla Patton and I are bringing you a daily installment of Internet awesomeness and cuteness. This is Day 2.

Is there anything more hilarious than mixing the seriousness of Christmas with the brain-chaos of small children?

No. There is not. Let these five videos of kids adorably messing up in front of God, Santa and their parents be your proof of that scientific fact.

#1 “CUZ CHRISTMAS TIME IS HEEERE!” If over-enthusiasm is wrong, I don’t want to be right. And neither does this little girl, who is so adorably over-enthusiastic, and even more adorably self-aware about it. SHE MEANT TO SCREAM, I MEAN SING, YOU GUYS! Make sure you stick around until the end. Seriously.

#2 The 12 Days of Christmas get in a fight. Oh man. Eight maids a-milking keeps rushing it, five golden rings thinks it’s all about her, six geese a-laying is stuck in the cross-fire and seven swans a-swimming HAS HAAAAD IT!

#3 Christmas solo second-hand embarrassment.
We are adults and it is not nice to laugh at the efforts of children. Especially the singing efforts of children. And yet. And yet. I dare you not to laugh at this future American Idol contestant’s Christmas solo, and the reactions of the other kids. Ho ho hooooly moly.

#4 Christmas Hips Don’t Lie.
This kid decided to spice up the recital with some special choreography, and I think he took his lessons from the school of Shakira. The sweet dance moves get good around 1:00.

#5 Camel falls on the audience.
The poor camel in this church nativity play is not a kid, but whoever decided to bring a live camel through the aisle and up on stage probably was! Because that is a bad idea. Kids make the darndest zoological casting decisions.

Doesn’t it just make you want to have a bunch of kids so you can send them to school or church for the sole purpose of watching them hilariously mess up in Christmas pageants? I hope that twisted urge counts as a form of Christmas joy, because that is what is keeping my heart aglow today.

Check back tomorrow for our next installment of “Christmas Cheer Instead of Reruns.” More Cheer: 5 Videos of Kids Getting Puppies for Christmas and 10 Strange Christmas Commercials.

(Image and videos courtesy of Youtube)

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