Yesterday the Circle of Strangers were given Path Four. The only problem for me was when I received my email I realized I left the important baby bib at home, the key to completing the task. No worries, I live in walking distance from work and picked it up at lunch. So, let’s get to it!

Catch up with the Nine Paths game:

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Trust is the Key:

The task was to identify the meaning of the symbol hidden (on the tag) of the bib. To do this I also had to use the Book of Mai provided on my MaiPad. The symbol was trust. The Mai have a strong sense when it comes to knowing who can be trusted and use the symbol as a stamp of approval.

trust-symbol.JPGI ran into even more trouble completing this task. The email also talked about a journey, so I knew I wasn’t done. The tag also had a website to go to. Apparently I need glasses because I read it as kiddle bibs (I know it makes no sense). So I had to ask for help before realizing it was kiddie bibs.

I then went to the site and typed in my key word which revealed a video. I can’t embed it but you can watch it here. Chloe is seen running though the woods along a path, up some stairs and into a parking lot. Obviously being chased with that look of panic on her face. When the clip ends the message reads:


I’m on it! And I didn’t have to wait long to find out how to do this but I need your help.

Help Protect Chloe with Deception:

The Nine Paths Prophecy reads: “The Fifth Path will shine a light on a deceiver. The Circle must keep an eye on this imposter and slow his chase by creating many false roads away from the one”

The deceiver, @Batko614, is on Twitter looking for Chloe King. To protect her we have to misguide Batko614 with lies. With all of the Circle of Strangers help we can complete this path. If you have Twitter please start following Batko614 and respond to its tweets steering them away from The Uniter.

UPDATE: Path five is complete! Thanks for all your help. The reward? A sneak peek video of The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Looks like Chloe is crushing on a boy!

It’s not too late to join the game. Click here for the details and if there are charms left, get yours free with the code: circle.

Talk about the Nine Paths game with @BuddyTV. The Nine Lives of Chloe King premieres June 14 after Pretty Little Liars.

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